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    KHFanatic4565 vs. ThePromise Null Tier

    Battle Type: Power/Melee Setting: A massive forest of Sequoia trees located around a snow-capped mountain. Conditions: The winner will be the one who incapacitates his opponent first Restrictions: There are no restrictions other than the normal rules Templates are not required.
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    You've Become Boring

    Open Challenge time once again. Sorry about just dissapearing like that. A project came up that I needed to be involved in. Whoever wants to fight me can join.
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    Playing God

    I have returned to KHI. :smile: Consider this my return challenge, and I apologize for always appearing and dissapearing. It's easy to get bored here unfortunately.
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    Unlucky 13 (Order Rankings- 9)

    If you are not familiar with this by now, then I will be very sad. pete:< Type: Hybrid Location: Please see the Rank 13 challenge. Conditions: Please see Rank 13 Characters: KHFanatic4565: Gabriel King Sora X: Do you accept?
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    Did you truly believe no one would challenge you? (Order Ranking- 13)

    MESMAR, I challenge you to a duel. The winner will claim the thirteenth position. Battle Type: Power/Melee Location: Froze- A frozen land where very little life exists. In the distance, pure white mountain ranges can be seen when the land is clear of the mostly constant blizzard above...
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    Connection between Terra and Xehanort's Heartless?

    Not necessarily. Both XH and Xemnas were influenced by MX/Terra. While XH is heavily influenced by MX, we see bits and pieces of Terra through his interactions with Riku. The best example is the scene before Riku is possessed. His conversation shows a familiarity as if they had encountered each...
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    i think i know who this new boss is....

    Rose has a point. As people here should already be aware of, Sora and Apprentice Xehanort are very alike. Both created creatures of darkness(with the only serious difference being here as Sora needed Kairi's help to become a free heart while Ansem SoD was a natural creation). Both created...
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    MX Xehanort and Ven

    Keep in mind that MX was once good. We don't know all that much of his history except for minor details and what he once believed. By the time of BBS and the years before it, he had yet to completely succumb. He still does not do so until he enters and steals Terra's body. So its not beyond the...
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    Reborn in life

    A rather form of an open challenge that is something I want to do. I don't care about what you put up as long as it isn't a god. I simply ask for combat in any form. In short, that means: SOMEBODY, ANYBODY, FIGHT ME! That is all.
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    Blah Blah Blah ('Challenge' to Ashes Remnant)

    You know how this works. No need for templates. Just post on this.
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    BBS Ultimania Questions!

    They were not exactly clear on how you get in. That's for later games.
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    Dilan and Aeleus?

    They keep the castle safe and keep uninvited people out.
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    Something interesting about the opening

    Terra promises to train him when they talk with one another. He does so through Ansem SoD.
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    Possible plot...

    It wouldn't be Vanitas himself but his sentiment that would appear.
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    Secret boss?

    No one has even gotten 100% as far as I know.
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    Something interesting about the opening

    Terra's symbolism is more complex considering Sora holds the KK yet he has the most connection to Riku. The entire thing requires it's own thread to explain as his relationship is very expansive from BBS to KH2.
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    Dilan and Aeleus?

    They also block Terra. As for Ven, this scene appears in the last trailer.
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    Something interesting about the opening

    Nomura wanted capes too, but the PSP wouldn't allow it.
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    Something interesting about the opening

    Riku did wield the KK in Hollow Bastion. It wasn't permanent but he did wield it.
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    Something interesting about the opening

    It symbolizes their fates during/at the end of their stories. Aqua picks up Kingdom Key D, which is the Keyblade for the RoD and wielded by Mickey. She meets Mickey and protects Kairi with his help. They also fight together and beat a Van-possessed Ven. Her end is to fall into the RoD. Terra-...