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  1. ryaneden

    A Re-Introduction

    Hi guys I'm back I'm not sure how many people remember me It's been awhile since I've been around but i promise to keep an active presence around these parts. With an almost semi-constant upload schedule with my stories :biggrin:
  2. ryaneden

    Fanfiction ► Naruto The Path of A Ninja

    Wow, It's been awhile since I last posted a story here huh? almost a whole year. But anyways I'm back with a brand new story I've been working on It's another Naruto story (Mainly because I've been re-watching the original series again) anyways here's the first 3 chapters of my new story...
  3. ryaneden

    Fanfiction ► Pokemon A New World.

    I know it's been a heck of a long time since i posted last. But I'm back now and with a brand new story. This Pokemon Story takes place in it's own unique universe characters from the Anime may pop up every now and then but it doesn't share the same setting and it doesn't share the same setting...
  4. ryaneden

    Fanfiction ► Naruto: A Collection of Stories.

    So with the English dub of The Last coming out soon i decided to work on some Naruto stories most of the stories that'll be posted will be set after the series but before The Bolt movie. Unless otherwise noted. This First chapter is a little short. there should be another chapter out in a...
  5. ryaneden

    Fanfiction ► K-On!: Confessions

    So. this story is an ideal I've been mulling over for the last couple of days since i started to re-watch K-On i decide to make a story about it. So far i only have 2 or 3 Stories planned in this series and there may be a sequel series following this one. And yes this is a Mio/Ritsu shipping...
  6. ryaneden

    Fanfiction ► A Haruhi Suzumiya Fanfiction

    I Know I've did a couple of these before but this is the last attempt at finding a setting that i like i think i finally got it down this time. Well enough of me blabbing on to the story Chapter 01 I Know it's a little long but it's a first chapter it's suppose to be i think anyway. Anyways...
  7. ryaneden

    Fanfiction ► One Piece: There Will Lives On.

    So, i decided to start a new next generation fanfiction. anyways these first couple of chapters will introduce the new Straw Hat crew. It will most likely be for 7 or 8 chapters. and than afterwards it will detail on how there brought to gather again. Anyways i hope you enjoy the 1st 2...
  8. ryaneden

    The World As We Know It (Isn't always What it seems)

    So, i rebooted my old story into a brand new ideal. this is a story focusing on An Elementary School Teacher Hikari Yoshimato and her 10 year old daughter Inori and there lives. I hope you enjoy the new version of this tale :)
  9. ryaneden

    Dynasty Warriors RolePlay?

    I Was wondering if anyone around would be up for some Dynasty Warriors/ Romance of the Three Kingdoms RP ? The character roster would be updated to the Dynasty Warriors 8 extreme legends and OC's are welcomed as I'll be playing an OC character as well. We'd need a lot of people i think for it...
  10. ryaneden

    Wow, 1 Year Exactly.

    As Of today I've been on this site exactly 1 Year. and I've made some good friends on this site and have hopefully made a few fans to when it comes to my stories. i know i mainly stick to the Creative Writing section but i sometimes do venture out into other forums. anyways I look forward to...
  11. ryaneden

    Fanfiction ► Pokemon

    And here is the chapter that everyone's been waiting for we get a momentary glimpse at Green's early life.
  12. ryaneden

    Fanfiction ► Pokemon

    Here's a new chapter for my story. in this chapter Red challenges Misty. Kanto Saga; Chapter 06; Vs Misty the Fiery Redheaded Pokemon Trainer Sorry no end of chapter talk this time. but it'll return next chapter.
  13. ryaneden

    The Fairy Knight. [Mature]

    So despite the fact i have my other original story on going i wanted to try and make something more darker and serious so here we have a tale called The Fairy Knight. Chapter 01
  14. ryaneden

    Fanfiction ► Pokemon

    Here is 2 more chapters for this story. Red Makes his way through Mt. Moon as he run into Proton, one of 4 of the Rocket Executives for Team Rocket. We get some kinda light on Green's background as well the introduction of Yellow who decides to travel with Red for awhile. Kanto Saga; Chapter...
  15. ryaneden

    Fanfiction ► Pokemon

    Here comes a new chapter in my Pokemon Story. in this chapter i start to make some changes to the plot a tad bit to make it more unique in my story. Anyways here is the part where Red battles Brock. next chapter we head towards Mt. Moon.
  16. ryaneden

    The Cradle of Life (An Original story.)

    So this here is a new original story and think I'll actually work on this one more depending on how well it's liked. it's about Atsuko as she makes her way through her life while dealing with her Aloof Big Sister Mayumi and her Smart Girl best friend Syumi. I hope you all enjoy this...
  17. ryaneden

    Fanfiction ► Pokemon

    Yeah that was kinda a spelling error on my part but I'm sure most will know what i mean.
  18. ryaneden

    Fanfiction ► Pokemon

    Well here's the next chapter of the story. I'm continuing with adding the songs every now and then. and I'm just gonna have fun writing this story
  19. ryaneden

    Fanfiction ► Pokemon

    Thanks I'm glad ya'll liked it the next chapter may be out tomorrow or later today and i take it that ya'll want me to continue having the trio to sing certain Pokemon Songs?
  20. ryaneden

    Fanfiction ► Pokemon

    Up above is a brand new fanfic from myself it's kinda long but i put a lot of work in it. and i hope you guys enjoy it also let me know if you think i should include more covers of the characters singing Pokemon songs :)