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    I'm back for the Day =3

    Hey everybodiesz! I'm back! but just for the day. Sad I know =( But I'd like to see my friends again because I've missed you guys soooooooo much! I cut myself off from the internet world T.T Anyways shower me with your happiness =DDD
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    =( ........ish sad

    me hash been banned off the computer and this website is blocked. If i unblock my parents will block it again=( I can come on sometimes when i use this website to come on here but it's acting real slow. :sad: but at least i can come on sometimes..........
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    hai2u lolz This is either a permanent hiatus or a very long hiatus - although probably the former. KHInsider is being blocked on all the computers, so the bottom line is that it's study time! And gtfo-ing internet nao byeee.
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    RE:CoM Scans and Photos

    Re: CoM Scans and Photos nice piccys lmao
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    Sephiroth lowest level

    O.o ahem: this is what you said in my thread
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    Sephiroth lowest level

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    Sephiroth lowest level

    I cant remember but i was prolly on level 70-80 in KH1
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    Any Luxord Fans?

    he looks kinda gay but i think he is pretty cool
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    Is Demyx Not Loved?

    im a vexxy fan too but just not a demyx fan :<
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    Is Demyx Not Loved?

    i dont like Demyx :<
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    Me likie the spinnie typie though i don't use magic except for cure but i use fire more than the other elements if i need to
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    ur org. name

    arcxebec : name arc-xe-bec rebecca
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    Whos Your Pick

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    Did Anybody Else See This?

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    Help/Support ► hi

    nice way to talk to some one who has been in many relationships before. Why would you wanna date someone 2 hours away. Call her to a dinner (or lots) and speak for a while before asking. I dont think you would actually go to her house and ask her out. EDIT: ok Yttrxium :3
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    Help/Support ► Why Can't He Just Leave Me The Hell Alone?

    well could you read the thread and see that many people are supporting her and you're acting like a bastard
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    Help/Support ► hi

    well at least i know how to start a relationship
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    Help/Support ► hi

    easy, just ask her out