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  1. Aria

    ABC family

    Hahahahaha Make it or Break it XD Sorry, I just think it's weirdly funny thay it got mentioned there.
  2. Aria

    Fanfiction ► The Final Dawn

    Hmm... so I've decided to let this die. I'm really not into the story anymore, and looking back now I want just want to rewrite the whole thing because it's so cringe-worthy lol. I consider this a success though, because I learned about plot bunnies, characterization, mary-sues, and cliches :)...
  3. Aria

    Disappearing for a while

    Well, tomorrow I leave for vacation (not really, I'm visiting family, but we all share a lake house and we swim a lot and I can relax when I'm not dealing with my screaming younger cousins) I won't have access to a computer, except maybe once or twice a week to check facebook and my email. Did...
  4. Aria

    What KH1 had that KH2 didn't.

    -difficulty -a good story line -some mystery (it wasn't completely straightforward like kh2)
  5. Aria

    Fanfiction ► Gloam (a series of mini Twilight parodies)

    The awkward sentences were most likely on purpose, but would you mind pointing out the typos you saw? I read Nightlight, and I really liked the beginning of it. I was laughing so hard, but then the middle and the end was just meh :P Have you read it? Thanks for all the comments you guys! :)...
  6. Aria

    Fanfiction ► Gloam (a series of mini Twilight parodies)

    Gloam: twilight, the time of day immediately following sunset Yes, gloam is a real word and a synonym for twilight. It also sounds like a combination of "gloom" and "groan" which are two things that I want to do when I read twilight(yes i just used gloom as a verb and groan as in a...
  7. Aria

    Help/Support ► School's out,but...

    This. But make a slip n slide from scratch. It's very time consuming and once you get it right you'll be entertained for weeks.
  8. Aria

    the discription for RE:CODED

    Shit I don't even have a DS :/
  9. Aria

    Help/Support ► it's so hot

    Ugh, it went from 70 in the morning to 85 in the afternoon and then it rained and got really cold and now its back to 75. Stupid weather, just pick weather you want to be hot or cold :/
  10. Aria

    Gameplay with Voices [[ENG]]

    I'm loving Aqua's voice. So glad it doesn't sounds like Kairi or Namine.
  11. Aria

    BBS official site update

    It looks so much nicer than the Japanese site IMO. I'm excited that we're getting the videos too! The VA sounds good, but I can't exactly tell yet.
  12. Aria

    Fanfiction ► The Fan-Fic Writer's Moving Sidewalk

    Oh god, I couldn't even finish it because I was feeling a little sick. Nice job :) I prefer AU's that aren't just the "lets throw these character into high school" fics. I also think that the canon characters should be close to the personality that they have in the games. In terms of what...
  13. Aria

    When you get BBS who will you play as first?

    Terra -> Ven -> Aqua probably. i may switch Aqua and Ven though.
  14. Aria

    Help/Support ► it's so hot

    You're lucky, it's hotter where I am! 81 degrees at 66% humidity D:
  15. Aria

    Do you think you would have enjoyed Pinnocho's World?

    I think I would have liked it, if even for being the only new world.
  16. Aria

    Fanfiction ► Eyes Don't Lie [KH - Riku/Xion]

    Aw, that was so cute!! Your level of detail is incredible. <3
  17. Aria

    Fanfiction ► The Final Dawn

    wow i have been neglecting this so much :P I'm going to finish it, promise. I just want to focus on my school project for right now... which will be for another 2 weeks. Kick me if i forget about this again, really lol :)
  18. Aria

    Fanfiction ► Fate of A Hero: The Prequel to "The Road to Dawn"

    Re: Fate of A Hero Dang, I hope you get your connection back soon!
  19. Aria

    Have you s[p]oiled yourself?

    Re: Have you spoiled yourself? I've seen the opening and the secret ending and Vanitas' face because some people don't know how to use spoiler tags :/ i didnt get the secret ending, and i havent gotten spoiled on the big plot things yet.
  20. Aria

    BbS Release Date Announced

    Damn that's pretty far away. Not a good time either with school :/