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  1. Abhorsen

    Evolve A Lunarmaster54 and Abhorsen collab

    "Good morning America, this is Chet Simmons with channel 5 news in Las Vegas, Nevada. Let’s get right into it. A small mom and pop store was reduced to rubble today. Two shifters who didn’t agree with each other started a brawl in the street that ended up destroying someone’s business. The...
  2. Abhorsen

    EVOLVE (signups and discussion) Lunarmaster54 & Abhorsen collab

    This is how the world ended. It didn’t happen with a bang, it didn’t even happen with a whimper. It happened abruptly. One moment everything was normal, people lived their lives the way they saw fit. Then the next moment, three weeks ago today, it was different. People could do things...
  3. Abhorsen

    Fanfiction ► Path to Greatness: The Story of Team Four

    So, this is our biggest chapter yet... 2,939 words!! Its a monster! I would advise going to the bathroom and getting some popcorn or fatty snack food before sitting down for this treat. Enjoy!!
  4. Abhorsen

    Fanfiction ► Path to Greatness: The Story of Team Four

    Thanks it took me a few minutes to put it all together. Im glad you liked it, if I am right then they really better give us a call. haha. I would imagine that it is well known to those that remember him and knew him. Sasuke would probably want to clear Itachi's name. (If you were to ask my...
  5. Abhorsen

    Fanfiction ► Path to Greatness: The Story of Team Four

    We will try to be more punctuation friendly. :)
  6. Abhorsen

    Fanfiction ► Path to Greatness: The Story of Team Four

    We may do a POV sometime within the next few posts from the Leaders perspective. Not sure yet. In any case chapter 5 will be started soon. Just deciding what it will 'exactly be about'.
  7. Abhorsen

    Fanfiction ► Path to Greatness: The Story of Team Four

    @ KingdomKey Hehe.. that was me... gotcha! I cant just spill all the good stuff right off the bat.. Suspense... buahahahahaha Thanks! Lunar left that part to me. I hope it was believable. I had to put some effort into explaining how and who Tobi was with things lining up and making sense...
  8. Abhorsen

    Fanfiction ► Path to Greatness: The Story of Team Four

    Thanks for all the feedback!! The more the merrier good and bad! I figured it would probably interest the readers on which of the two of us writes for which characters, and all that business. So... Lunar: Amaya, and Sato. Specializes in characterization, piecing the story together...
  9. Abhorsen


    PROJECT ZERO Dartmoth High, is a school for anyone and everyone. The small town of Dartmoth is located in Tenessee about 30 miles outside of Nashville. This school is home to all kinds: Preps, Jocks, Nerds, Goths, Greasers, Loaners, etc. All of that could be important except for one small...
  10. Abhorsen


    Human life on planet Earth as we know it is dwindling. A race of mutative parasites called Fallen has invaded. These Fallen are insect like creatures which much resemble a scorpion. The Fallen enter a host usually in its sleep. They will enter through the mouth, crawling down through the...
  11. Abhorsen

    Kaijū High (Rp)

    The Sun is shining bright in the morning sky as all the new students and repeat students at Kaijū High gather for a school meeting. This meeting was meant to greet the newcomers, and to address some issues that were important for everyone to know. Headmaster Thomas Troll was at the podium with...
  12. Abhorsen

    Pokemon Saviors (By Abhorsen and Lunarmaster54)

    Nick Scyrio It is a hot summer day in the Kanron Region. Starly can be heard in the trees and nearby the noises of a Pokemon battle cane be heard as well as a babbling brook off to the east. Nick Scyrio and his Zoroark lay in the grass looking at the clouds. They had been together a long time...
  13. Abhorsen

    Kaijū High sign-ups

    Story Kaijū High, a Highschool for Monsters, Demons, Paranormal, Undead and all other monsters and beings. We at Kaijū High want you to have a rich environment to learn and practice your skills and abilities. We know that being a 'monster' isnt a curse it makes us better, stronger,faster...
  14. Abhorsen

    Pokemon Saviors (sign-ups by Abhorsen and Lunarmaster54)

    Pokemon Saviors An RP by Abhorsen and Lunarmaster54 Story This is the tale of the happenings that occurred in the region of Konran. It used to be a peaceful region, where trainers and Pokemon...
  15. Abhorsen

    Dragon Age: Prophesy's of the Wicked

    Whats up My name is Abs, this is my Dragon Age RP. I hope you Enjoy Two Hundred years have passed since the last Blight, The Warden Commander and all of those that allied themselves have died. Since the passing the world has taken a hard turn for the worst.Ferelden is on its last legs...