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  1. End

    [Spoilers] Two Things we Fail to Speak About in KHUX (End's Theory Time)

    Welcome to more of End's hardly cooked theories. The first is blatantly in our faces though I have yet to see anyone mention it. Even though the world is protected by light, when supposedly dies (I say supposedly of course because we see her walking to the door and a heart exiting. Her still...
  2. End

    Quick spoiler/theory/question post?

    Re-playing the old games. Anyone else make the connection between X Super and Xemnas being called the Superior? Seems like one of those good 'ol Nomura sneaky things.
  3. End

    [SPOILERS] So this is just a quick thought but... Noticed something on Strelitzia's design

    I've seen a lot of people theorizing that Lauriam did you know what. Lauriam who clearly bears a connection to Marluxia. Marluxia is number XI despite him being very powerful (seems like he's been a nobody for quite some time if he has honed his skills this much). Strelitzia's hair clips on her...
  4. End

    "The Other Me"

    Not sure if there's a thread dedicated to figuring this out yet, but I personally assume this means ya boi Riku Replica is coming back? If we're treating Xion as basically a whole person then let's give some love to the OG puppet who still needs a name of his own. This boy has a heart and was...
  5. End

    Back hopefully? Lol

    Hey guys, ya boi End is back! Sorry for the sudden disappearance. Classes and life in general got a bit much for me to handle so I had to cut my free time. I'm doing better now so I'm going to try being active again. Honestly with a community like y'all I couldn't be gone forever. Life...
  6. End

    Testing the Auto-Battle Feature's Usefullness

    The auto-battle button was a great introduction to raid bosses, but is it useful in normal quests? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PSKg07AdxU
  7. End

    When is NOT the next expected KH3 news explosion?

    I'm thinking uhhhh tomorrow nothing will be said in regards to KH3 news or explosions.
  8. End

    News ► Uhh Did Anyone Else Notice This?

    Has it always said "301 - " as an option or is this hinting at a level cap raise soon?
  9. End


    SERIOUSLY LEAVE IF YOU DON'T KNOW THE STORY SPOILER QUESTION AHEAD I'm trying to find video clips of the unions fighting each other for an upcoming video of mine but I don't remember which story missions they start fighting... I know there's some fighting in the ending of X but I also know...
  10. End

    Video Showcase of NA Illustrated Kairi [EX]

    I never had her in JP but I think I know now why people were saying she will break NA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGDZeiajFOw
  11. End

    First person to post here wins

    Alright everyone you've heard of "last person to post here wins" but I present to you a brand new game! Whoever is the very first person to post in this thread wins! EDIT: Ahaha oh wait I win :D woot!
  12. End

    KHI - Best Boy / Girl Results

    It's been a long month, but the time has finally come to announce the final results of the best girl / boy discussion. Without further ado, here are our winners: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFA2cbVfTC8
  13. End

    Digital Media ► Would anybody be interested in a podcast style video series covering the story of KH for new fans?

    I initially got the idea from my girlfriend who wanted to learn more about Kingdom Hearts but is too lazy to drive over to my parents' house to pick it up (I'm away at college in another state so I can't bring it to her). I plan on making videos on each of the Kingdom Hearts games, going through...
  14. End

    What if Roxas looked like Sora?

    WHAT NO WAY! I never even noticed.
  15. End

    What if Roxas looked like Sora?

    It would be cool to have Roxas look like a mixture of Sora and Ventus. Ventusora.
  16. End

    Digital Media ► How Pumpkin Can You be in Kingdom Hearts: Union Cross? - Video by me

    Hello everybody, I have returned bringing fresh, good memes! I hope I don't get in trouble for posting my own YouTube video on here but hey, it IS creative media. (For those of you who wondered where I went, I've just been struggling with school and a new job and haven't been able to find time...
  17. End

    My KH3 World Prediction

    Alright guys, so Square Enix and Disney have already given us all the information to figure out what world they're going to announce next. I have solved the mystery and I'm here to show you what I found. First of all, let's take a look at a world we've been shown already. TOY STORY. Right now...
  18. End

    Rate Avatar BELOW You

    I know it makes no sense but just roll with it my peeps B) this is the new meta. NO EDITING TO CHANGE YOUR RATING AFTER SOMEONE POSTS BELOW YOU! I uuuuuuhhhhh rate the person below me 7/10, could use a bit of work tbh but I like the idea.
  19. End

    Does anyone else have trouble finding friends to play with who are serious about the game?

    I've always wanted to have a huge party in KHUX because I'm used to being a guild leader in many MMORPGs. Right now I only have 3 friends who are even over level 200. It sucks not having people to play Union Cross with :(