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  1. Josiah

    The Nature of the Organization

    Well Roxas was a nobody and he could obviously feel. :3
  2. Josiah

    The Nature of the Organization

    :O Maybe he'll be a villain in Birth by sleep. Maybe Squenix were giving us hints... lol.
  3. Josiah

    The Nature of the Organization

    Well it's kinda like how could you not, lol. I mean his eyes are practically bulging from their sockets. And they've got a sinister look to them. Not good, not good at all. But hey, I doubt that Yen Sid is the evil old fossil that he seems to be. I think he sincerely led Sora so that he would...
  4. Josiah


    I believe it's Ansem. =3 Besides, Ansem is a fellow who loves darkness. So naturally, he's crazy. ^^;
  5. Josiah

    The Nature of the Organization

    I don't trust Yen Sid in KH2. There's just something about his eyes I don't like, lol.
  6. Josiah

    The Nature of the Organization

    Well Nobodies do have the ability to think and plan. Imagine if you couldn't feel a single thing, and yet you were walking around with the knowledge of "I'm a nobody and nothing more. I'm an incomplete being who doesn't deserve to feel, let alone live. Maybe I'm just meant to fade away into...
  7. Josiah

    The Nature of the Organization

    Which is why I really love the members of Organization XIII. They of course ARE the villains of the story, but deep down they really are doing all of it out of desperation. What they want is simple. They want to be whole like Sora and Kairi and Riku and others. I guess... because their desire...
  8. Josiah

    The World Ends With You | It's A Wonderful World

    XD I went to the official website and heard some of it's music. o_o; I can't believe how groovy it all sounds, lol.
  9. Josiah

    The World Ends With You | It's A Wonderful World

    So how is this game? =] I plan on buying it. I love the art and the characters look so interesting. I'm also very intrigued by the story and setting.
  10. Josiah

    Help/Support ► Good or Bad?

    I'm so sorry to hear that this happened to you. *internet hug* It really is a pain when you confide in someone and they open their big mouths and let spill what you revealed to them about yourself. I'd know from experience. You aren't alone. I think the best thing to do is to try and forget...
  11. Josiah

    Help/Support ► Good or Bad?

    In a sense, I'd say it's somewhat good that you are a trusting person. I somewhat envy you. =P But on the same token, I think it's smart to be a little weary of those who could possibly betray your trust (BTW that is the WORST thing you could do to someone. Just thinking about it is making my...
  12. Josiah

    Larxene-The Best Woman Fighter on Organization XIII

    O_o; I have a feeling that if any of the guys tried to woo her they'd probably end up leaving with their @$$ burnt to a crisp. They know better than to play those games with her. ;D Larxene Lightning ftw! Larxene is so sweet. ;D
  13. Josiah

    Help/Support ► Torn...

    Yeah, it definitely does. I'm lucky though to never have been in this kinda situation. @.@ Lol. I think I need to go to Australia. o.o Well good on ya'! Much respect for that. Just try not to linger your thoughts on this girl, and move on. I know that might be easier said than done but...
  14. Josiah

    Help/Support ► Torn...

    Lol. Basically, Gungon called it. D= I would say go for it. Not right away, though. Quite frankly, I'd use this as an opportunity to get back at my ex-gf if I was in your position, although I'm not sure if you're into that kinda thing, lol... o.o Anyway, yeah like I said. If you aren't ready...
  15. Josiah

    Fanfiction ► The Last Nobody - A Tale of Hopeless Love and Being

    Wow, this is very interesting so far. I love how greatly you're able to make me feel Vix's loneliness... His emptiness that he feels inside, or doesn't feel. >.> And also, I found the situation with Sora and Riku both amusing, and saddening. I really like it so far. =) I'll be reading more of...
  16. Josiah

    Happy Birthday, Myth!

    Oh yes. XD It IS Mythological Omega's day of his birth today, and I'm making this for him just because I want to! D: So here is where you should send your wishes! XD Have a great day, Bud! =D Hope you get everything you asked for... or atleast mostly! o.o
  17. Josiah

    Help/Support ► What should I do?

    Yes, Ayumi. ^.^; Friendship is very important. :D I think that if you involved in a nasty break-up, still remaining friends with whomever will heal those wounds twice as quickly. ;) Just try in hang in there, for a while, and things WILL get better. :D Always look forward to 'the sun shining'...
  18. Josiah

    Help/Support ► moses... needs help. big time. please... anything will help...

    First off, Your father was wrong... VERY wrong. =\ And I'm sorry if you don't like how that sounds, but he has no right to beat you over his problems. And you DEFINITELY Shouldn't have to be afraid, because he lost his job. That's just bad on his part. v.v I do recommend staying at a friends...
  19. Josiah

    Help/Support ► A stupidstupidstupid problemmmmm.

    xDD Yeah, Takushi Sorasheart just owned the creator of advice there. LOL
  20. Josiah

    I made sea salt ice-cream =D

    xD That would be the perfect package! xD I know I'd buy my arse a box in a heartbeat >.<; xDD