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  1. Finrear

    Who wants to help me find an obscure video on the internet?

    Kingdom Hearts fans and lovers of animation, hear my plea! So. Years ago on one of my many searches across the web, I found an animation. A neat and nifty toon parodying the opening of Tales of the Abyss but with Kingdom Hearts characters. Yeah. That's pretty much all the info I can recall...
  2. Finrear

    Have You seen this video?

    First off I don't know if this is the right section. About a year or two ago I saw a video that was the opening for Tales of Abyss but the characters we're switched out with characters from Kingdom hearts. It was really good quality it was black and white and looked like it was made of...
  3. Finrear

    A dumb little question! XP

    I always thought he had something to do with making the little bell fountain like he built it to hide it from the heartless or something. And he could of bored up the bell room(that's what I call it) to keep people from ringing the bell by accident.
  4. Finrear

    Gamestop pre-order

    I already pre-ordered it like two months ago when I thought it was coming out this summer.
  5. Finrear

    Does anyone still...

    I never cried at the end of KH but I do cry when Donald and Goofy leave Sora, and at the end of days. And I almost cried when I thought goofy died in KH2.
  6. Finrear

    Ultima Weapon or Fenrir

    Fenrir all the way. I mean it's my user name, but I missed spelled.
  7. Finrear

    Luxord's Identity

    Ok I know this is unlikely and I'm only going on looks but what if Luxord's somebody was AtW's son. Dont flame
  8. Finrear

    The Voice

    In KH Sora hears a voice in that place with the stainglass pillars and right before he fights Ansem (Xehonorts heartless). Could that voice be Ven
  9. Finrear

    MX Terra Theroy

    It could be a special case. I mean look at his heartless there has to be something different about him
  10. Finrear

    MX Terra Theroy

    What if MX was going to take over Van's body, kinda like how Xahenort took over Riku's body, so MX could live forever but the only way he could do that woud be if Van accepted the darkness. But than Van became to strong so MX asked TAV to kill Van and then got Terra close to the darkness and...
  11. Finrear

    Awakening - Ven and Vanitas

    Where do see soul eater and kingdom key
  12. Finrear

    Nobody's Nobody

    As you may know all the members of the oganization are in charge of a type of nobody. What do you think the nobodies of the members that died in CO looked like?
  13. Finrear

    The Forth Road

    We all know that the cross roads represent light, twilight, darkness, and dawn and that the keblade weilders follow one of the four roads. Out of the keybladers from the main seires (not including Kairi) we know that Sora is light, Riku is dawn, and Mickey is darkness, but what about the last...
  14. Finrear

    Why Blind

    Why does Riku wear a blindfold after CoM before he fights Roxas
  15. Finrear

    Special Keyblade Theory

    I have a theory that Sora's keyblade is special because it can change form with keychains or uses the keychians to summon keyblades from the cross roads. Eveyrone else has a keyblade with only one form. The Star Seeker that Mickey has in the BBS concept video i think was stolen form Yen Sid...
  16. Finrear

    A question about characters

    To unlock Sora you have to beat the game 100% then buy "Sora's Soul" from the moogle shop, To unlock Roxas you have to beat story mode then buy the "Zero Gear" which is a special gear that changes the weapon depinding on how many ability panales you put on. For dual wielding Roxas you need 3...
  17. Finrear

    Was Sora a heartless...

    We all know Sora became a heartless in KH but regained his form after he met up with Kairi. My question is was Sora still a heartless after that except he retained human form, like Xehanort's heartless, until he "absorbed" Roxas?
  18. Finrear

    What happened to Ven

    I have seen a lot of theorys about what happends to the characters in BBS but i haven't seen one about Ven. At first I thought he died when he was frozen iin the secret eagain nding of FM+ but I just saw it again and I saw Ven's eyes move. So any theorys.
  19. Finrear

    Terra and Xeahnort Relationship

    I don't see any malor problems with it exept for the ones already posted
  20. Finrear

    Hardest Re:CoM Boss?

    For me it was Ursala. I might have just been at a low level but her tentecals were annoying