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    Back after a Year or So

    hi guys..it's been a while. maybe much of you don't know me but what the heck. Finally.. I'M BAAAACK !!! :D!
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    Fanfiction ► .Hack//E.P.//vol. 1 legacy

    hey, nice PKK. Oh yeah, can you give my char a bit more role ?
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    Fanfiction ► Endless Elements

    hey, making a new one. hope it turned out well.
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    I'm taking Max's Challenge

    well good luck man. i know you can do it. i think
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    Help/Support ► I have a problem!!!!

    well forgot about me saying pay more attention to the teacher. maybe you should ask your friends about what the teacher was saying
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    Help/Support ► I have a problem!!!!

    hey another indonesian. (ada juga selain gw) well seems like you really need to find a personal tutor and pay more attention to the class. and i think you need to study chinese extra more. i guess you could also move to another school. a school without chinese (if there is any) i can't find...
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    Fanfiction ► .Hack//E.P.//vol. 1 legacy

    WTF !!! bethel infected by AIDA. cool.:thumbup: can't wait for the next chapter
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    Mushroom Help

    no. I, yes. no II - XII, no.
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    whos the armored person in the new scene in KH2FM+

    video yeah it is aqua's (mystery girl) armor. i think
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    Help Please! I need help beating....

    first of all welcome to the forums. well i use a lot of attack cards and about six cure cards. also add some zero cards. if you have a soldier card use it.
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    New Boss Fights

    hey isn't terra suppose to be hard.
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    i need help with pooh's book

    if i remember correctly, when you enter the book, there should be a cutscene.
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    Cargo Climb

    do an aerial combo. it's much faster than ground combo. and do smash it when the cargo goes into the air.
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    Fanfiction ► .Hack//E.P.//vol. 1 legacy

    well that's okay. you don't need to rush.
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    Fanfiction ► .Hack//E.P.//vol. 1 legacy

    aw man, way too short. still at least it's better than nothing.
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    Fanfiction ► .Hack//E.P.//vol. 1 legacy

    so, is cueshe popular in Phillipines ?
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    Fanfiction ► .Hack//E.P.//vol. 1 legacy

    yeah, just recently. well i've never heard of the band before.
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    Fanfiction ► .Hack//E.P.//vol. 1 legacy

    cool songs, well a cool story needs a cool song anyway.:lol:
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    Fanfiction ► .hack// SEED

    so everyone is making a .hack// fanfic. oh and nice prologue. keep it up.:thumbsup:
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    Fanfiction ► .Hack//Epitaph Crisis

    nah just joking man, don't take too seriously. there's no way that i want some one to be comatosed especially my friend. oh what i meant is the one in the story. BTW nice story.:thumbsup: