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    Axel/Saix plan

    u ppl need to learn to spell
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    Anyone else happy that....

    The giant boss fights r fuckin ez XD I prefer the man-to-man style too. my fave boss fight is RIku vs Replica Riku in the original CoM (never played Re: CoM)
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    Yen sid's a master!!!

    Uhh... whatever happened the Loke XD
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    Favorite World so Far (Spoilers)

    The revamped Castle Oblivion
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    Silver head guy is antagonist of coded and secret boss of BbS

    Nomura sure likes Slver-Headed Baddies Sephirtoh, Riku (first game), Ansem SoD/Xemnas/Xehanort, MX, and now this new guy.
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    Which KH Girl is hawtest?

    Olette's got my vote Next would be Aqua of course
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    Roxas likes....

    Who would you say Roxas likes more, Namine or Xion?
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    Umm, just because Ven went into SOra, does that mean Sora's nobody would look like Ven? Or is there another reason as to y ROxas looks like Ven?
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    ...wtf? Nomura is an IDIOT.

    THe guy can change plans I mean, look at how Halo went from an RTS - FPS (not talking about Halo Wars)
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    Yen sid's a master!!!

    Kairi and Aqua aren't directly related in anyway (that we know thus far) They didn't bond in any way or give each other stuff Obviously, Aqua is supposed to represent Kairi, same with Terra representing Riku and Ventus representing Sora. Terra and Ventus actually helped decide SOra and Riku's...
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    Xemnas regained memories?

    I think it's TLS, though Im not sure entirely
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    Xemnas regained memories?

    Wait so if Sora killed Ansem SoD and Xemnas, then is Terra pretty much dead? (cept for TLS)
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    Who do you think will be the secret boss?

    If it is Sephy, that'd be wack lol I hope it's a non-canon character, they're always more bizarre
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    Who do you think will be the secret boss?

    SEPHIROTH! jk, i hate sephy, overrated douche! Uhh... maybe Some Disney character?
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    Yen sid's a master!!!

    there's no proof in that vid stop obsessing over some old fuck
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    Xemnas regained memories?

    ahh, i c cool, thx dawg!
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    Regarding Master Xehanort...[SPOILERS AGAIN]

    I dun think so, cuz MX's nobody would've been the leader of Org. XIII or atleast in it.
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    Xemnas regained memories?

    DId Xemnas regain his old memories? How come he knows that the armor belongs to Aqua? (or atleast an old friend) If I missed on something, sry. Still trying to catch up after playing MMO's for a while XD
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    Yen sid's a master!!!

    U sir r a noob