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    Yen-Sid or Merlin?

    Yen Sid... he stops the brooms! (Fantasia)
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    For those who played and beat bbs...

    Iron Prisioner IV, Iron Prisioner III & Vanitas Sentiment
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    Questions for those who have played BBS

    He's right...I forgot about some of them, sorry
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    Questions for those who have played BBS

    Nope...just relax ;D All of them... Yes... but only after you finish the game You install some of the data on the memory stick so the game plays faster... I wouldn't recomend it since ALL of the data is already on your memory stick Land of departure...so be sure to get all of the treasure...
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    New Game on Kingdom Hearts II: Proud Mode, just for fun

    oh...my...god... why didn't I ever think of that??? DDD:
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    KINGDOM HEARTS BBS E3 2010 Trailer Redemption!!

    Hey guys he just asked for comments... Thanks for sharing the vid with us, Chaser I look forward to seeing more of your fandubs :D
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    Mirage Arena

    Just finished all of the arena missions with Terra... my suggestion on the bosses: lots of shoot locks
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    New Game on Kingdom Hearts II: Proud Mode, just for fun

    I think I got lucky in the fight with demyx I didn't spent to much time on it xD Xaldin...played with Mickey many times on this battle D:
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    What KH1 had that KH2 didn't.

    I find KH2 too much button mashing. In kh1 you need more battle strattegy..
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    New Game on Kingdom Hearts II: Proud Mode, just for fun

    epic dodging skills [2] if you didn't have it before that battle... you'll get them xD
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    New Game on Kingdom Hearts II: Proud Mode, just for fun

    Xigbar on proud mode...hard...very very hard be prepared, have lots of recovery itens, pacience and try not to smash your tv when you hear: "RELOAD!" D:
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    The New Features in NA/PAL

    Secret bosses...I hope there are at least 2 *-*
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    Birth by Sleep European Characters Trailer

    Very good trailer *-* can't wait for the us/eu release!!!
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    Mirage Arena

    It's possible... but it's very very hard (at least I had some difficulties ><). At the max lvl it must be easy, though :x
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    Does Mickey have a big role in bbs?

    He appears quite often in days, but since I played it in japanese I don't know about his role D: Is he king in the game already?
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    Senerios in BBS

    I'm going to stick to the recomended sequence although my favorite between the three is Aqua :B
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    Genesis Rhapsodos

    First thread here... contain some spoilers...
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    favorite drive form

    Valor form! I don't know why, cause Master is an improved version of Valor I think (correct me if I'm wrong ><)
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    Hiya! I'm new here (I think you already noticed it) so... just introducing myself Lelio, nice to meet you all :D
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    There Had Better Be An Option to Switch the Controls!

    yeah, just a few minutes and done :D