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    Help/Support ► I have this very strange problem

    Yeah, It might lead her to changing schools of embarrassment, but it depends on you though, would you talk to her privately or just shout about her Farts?, It all depends on you.
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    Help/Support ► Why is she doing this to me?

    Wow, Well, that always happened to me,....then...my advice will be....talk to her, ask her problems, if anyone is just spreading rumors, so what?, they're just damn jealous cause they don't even have their own girl/boyfriend, just go stand up and talk to her.
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    Asian Vs. White(Girls)

    Sup, everyone, if this isn't the right place to post this thread, by all means, please move it, and if anyone already made this thread, can someone give me a link, well, this thing just came to my mind when me and my friends were celebrating new year, and my friends suddenly asked,"So...I just...
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    Help/Support ► help!

    1. Just Feel Calm when you're talking to her, when you talk, smile, if she looks to you..smile, a cute kind of smile, not the disturbing kind, just...be calm when you're talking to her, okay? 2. You know what, that V is just crap, he likes two girls?, dude, I tell you, don't care about him...I...
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    Help/Support ► May I have your opinion

    Yes she's not into you anymore, and dude, if she wants you to approach her, is sh looking at you from time to time, or she isn't looking like, "Why the fuck should I care?", that kind of look?, the real reason is, while she was into you, you should have made your chance, and Reika is right...
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    Help/Support ► Girl issues again

    Hey, That's Ok, I know you're gonna be all busy and whatnot.
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    Help/Support ► Girl issues again

    A cave or something.... Anyways, keep us updated on what's happening, k?
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    Help/Support ► Khinisder...help me figure out this girl. I need advice from the experienced.

    Mhmmm....yeah, most girls are like these now, practically, she's just messing with you now, it's like, if she's looking at you sweetly, she may be attracted, if she's looking at you, in a big eyed disturbing way, then I tell you, she's just messing with you, find a girl who is more Honest to you
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    Help/Support ► Girl issues again

    Haha, well, Kazukifather does say the truth...haha, why does nobody ask anymore? Anyway, hmm....she may be jelous, just check out her actions, does she always look at you when you hang out with girls?
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    Fanfiction ► 7本の黒いばら

    This fanfic i guess....yes it suks right now, and also i admit my fanfics, ahem, .hack//EP sucked as well, i heard you talking about this one, you drew alot of these characters in your sketch pad and about that drawing with reno hitting on the girl...make sure not even mom sees that, later mah...
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    [MOVIE]L:Change the World

    i don't know if this thread was made already, i'm pretty sorry i wasted your time with this, soo... anyone already watched this movie?, L is on his last case before he dies, remember the end of Death note where he said he will die in 23 days?, this movie will show you what he does for his last...
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    Fanfiction ► .Hack//E.P.//vol. 1 legacy

    yeah..i know, im not posting much lately, got alot of troubles..you know why...... _________________________ Ep.10-A Double Reunion Chpt.1.5/1.10 "Rika...Get away!," said Betel, he faced off with Rona, "No way...this is not happening....one thing after another.?," said Rika, he ran infront of...
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    [Music] Orange Range

    hey i know what you're thinking, "PKK, stop posting J. Music!" something like that..right? but i still want to introduce it Orange Range Indies The band has roots in Okinawa. The area is famous for being the home of many well-known acts. Before they were signed by a major label, Orange Range...
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    Level 99 Roxas

    uhhhhh......dont double post...evah! i did it, got boring though, for you..i think that...maybe you can, maybe you cant
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    [TV] Hana Kimi-Japan

    hey didn i already make one?, yes i did but this one is for the jap. version which is obviously better, and yep, im gonna give a link for you to watch it, now this one is more adapt from the manga Hana Kimi-Japan Details Title: 花ざかりの君たちへ Title (romaji): Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Title...
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    Fanfiction ► Honey and Clover:Another Story

    ok, thanks, gonna do that, but dont expect me to post new ep, got school and all
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    Fanfiction ► Honey and Clover:Another Story

    hey guys let's finally finish ep.1! and if you wanna know how the charcters look like, but now i only have a picture of Tokuda, if this is kind of a live action series, i pick Yuu Shirota i look like him,lol im gonna edit this later, k guys?, or gals?
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    Help/Support ► Need Help by choosing a Name

    Kingdom Hearts Cracked Kingdom Hearts PKK'ers Fansite(errr...yeah, sounds kinda good to me) Kingdom Hearts Hang-out
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    Fanfiction ► Honey and Clover:Another Story

    gonna do that..but now, im in school, i can only get on evenings so...wait for a new ep. the explanations of charcters are on ep. 2, cuz now im just doing some funny things with em
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    Birth By Sleep Trailer

    yep, crappy theories, let's just keep waiting and somehow we'll find out