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  1. Master Kamui

    Anyone else suprised there's no 2.5 announcement at E3?

    the way i see it, this is just to pump us into buying the remakes, and i have a feeling that with 1.5 comming out in fall this year, 2.5 may be next year, and then the year after, we'll get KH3 (i can only dream that it won't take them 5 years to make like that final fantasy game o.o )
  2. Master Kamui

    Is Days Really a Bad Game?

    Re: Do YOU like this? #2 yes i so agree, i cried at that line too, Roxas was a blank slate in the beggining and only had so long to learn stuff like friendship.. he wasn't trying to say that he only cares about ice cream but he's thinking back to his happiest times were having ice cream with...
  3. Master Kamui

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Confirmed for North America & Europe!

    YAY, i Knew it was comming here but i was so nervous that they'd take out the final mix! i'm so excited now! too bad it's not comming until the fall..i mean it's still Winter..so that is just ..too..long ...to ..wait.. but it's better than nothing!!! i'll have plenty of time to save money for...
  4. Master Kamui

    Destiny Island Riku battle question

    Re: destiny Island riku battle question wow i can't imagine fighting until they reached level 99 before leaving the island...one i get to level 15 i leave..i mean i'd get bored being at the same place like that..and i've replayed this game many times.
  5. Master Kamui

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Box Art!

    i can't wait for this!! i've been dying to finally play the final mix. and man the cover art is so nice :3
  6. Master Kamui

    News ► Special Deal for KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX at 7-11 in Japan!

    this just makes me wish i lived in japan all the more..
  7. Master Kamui

    Did Demyx Know...?

    who knows.. i'm of the few that liked demyx, he really made me laugh..especially when he ran past Sora, saying "run away!!" LOL!
  8. Master Kamui

    Why does Maleficient have Pete

    Re: why does maleficient have pete because Pete is such an idiot that he'll never betray her and do everything she says without question. this is the best i can come up with lol