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  1. keyblade13

    What if a different world was leaked?

    I thought at least on my part that it was common knowledge that Vanitas, was coming back.
  2. keyblade13

    Unmarked spoilers: Potential KH3 world list? (INCOMPLETE)

    I mean it’s incomplete. So it’s pretty much confirming general knowledge so far. I think it’s missing, monsters inc, either a Star Wars/ avengers world, treasure planet, and princess and the frog. Also of course original worlds like the key blade graveyard and daybreak town as well.
  3. keyblade13

    Reconfiguring trophy data

    I'll try to disable the Internet and see if that works. @spocknort would i copy from the PS3 or put it on a usb?
  4. keyblade13

    Reconfiguring trophy data

    So I've been having this issue where I will be playing the game it runs just fine, and then my PS3 will beep, say "reconfiguring trophy data, and bring me back to the title screen. It happens whenever I enter a new area or leave a world or such. It's so frustrating. I've restored my database on...
  5. keyblade13

    DDD Keyblade Discussion (no spoilers)

    I absouletly hate star seeker. Ugliest keyblade
  6. keyblade13

    The X's in organization

    Sauce had the x already in Kh2. on his face nomtheless
  7. keyblade13

    Re:CoM Review - Re:Chain of Memories Triumphs Over Original Handheld Release

    Re: CoM Review - Re:Chain of Memories Triumphs Over Original Handheld Release I had it for gameboy and actually liked it but never got around to picking it up. Now that I have a ps2 again I might just do that
  8. keyblade13

    The X's in organization

    Who gave Sora the new clothes anyway?
  9. keyblade13

    The X's in organization

    I read a thread on here that said "The mark of hersey is how Xehanort tracked Sora in DDD and Aqua, Terra, and Ven in BBS." Could this be why the x's are all in the organization. members name? So Xehanort could keep track of them?
  10. keyblade13

    KH3D tops sales charts

    Is there any info on how its doing review wise?
  11. keyblade13

    Famitsu Coverage April 5th Edition Coming SOON

    Whoa! i never knew about thosse hints in end of the world. Do you have a link or picture i can't seem to find one
  12. keyblade13

    Where did this come from?

    It was from an event before kh2fm came out and they showed this. It obviously never made it into the game. I remember thinking OMG it's an older sora
  13. keyblade13

    Kingdom Hearts fans, do you recognize anything here?

    There alot of good kingdom hearts dubstep mixes too
  14. keyblade13

    Lea fights like...

    They won't be gone. As many have stated in this thread you dont have to lose something to gain something. I do personally see him splitting the keyblade in half and using the hilt as chakrams.
  15. keyblade13

    Xehanort Timeline

    True true. Anyway this timeline is super helpful.
  16. keyblade13

    Xehanort Timeline

    Could this explain why Xemnas was at Hallow Bastion in the fight against Sora?
  17. keyblade13

    KH3D Livestreams, Comprehensive Impressions, and Playthroughs!

    I really dont want bbsVl2. The one thing i dont get is the traverse town ending. why is he there?
  18. keyblade13

    Kingdom Hearts 3D - Ending + Secret Ending

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 3D - Ending Could also be sora facing a dissapointed Mickey, Riku, kari, Aqua. Just a thought. Is sora technically trapped in the RoS
  19. keyblade13

    Kingdom Hearts 3D - Ending + Secret Ending

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 3D - Ending Must find secret ending.Does it show Riku coming out of tbe realm of sleep