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    Riku may not be connected to Terra

    Why does everyone assume Alice isn't born? She's 7/8 in the books, but in the Disney film she's 12. She'd be born. Alice is the best PoH, anyways. >_> Also. Aqua and Kairi ARE somewhat connected. The fact that they both know how to make those charms with Thassalla shells (or whatever they were...
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    BbS Boxart (Higher resolution)

    Re: BbS Boxart? How is Terra in an awkward pose? I've sat like that before.
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    BbS Boxart (Higher resolution)

    Re: BbS Boxart? Yeah, I figured that much. But, Nomura could've just as easily drawn the chain being flung or something. Or drawn the chainlink that attaches to the end of the hilt. I see no sign of that. :/
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    BbS Boxart (Higher resolution)

    Re: BbS Boxart? Yes. Of course it's an advertisement. That's quite obvious. We're just saying, the art used on said advertisement could, and probably will, be the boxart. Considering this is completely new art, weeks before the release. Plus, Terra's in a sitting position, so it completely...
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    New Scan: Olympus Coliseum + FF Character in BBS With Translations

    Re: New Scan: Olympus Coliseum + FF Character in BBS ...Oh, goddammit, why? This is horrible, yet great, news at the same time. :/ Really? Zack? Gross. Keep him out. Zidane? Get him in there. We need more FF9 love. Vivi had such a small role. :/ I don't care if Zack's needed to 'explain...
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    Xigbar connection to Bbs?? *SPOILER!!*

    Well, even if the apprentices have a background role in BBS, I assume Braig's role to be the biggest out of the background roles. Also, Allister, for Braig to get a scar from Ven, it wouldn't have to be on purpose. Ven could've accidentally given Braig a scar in a struggle of some sort...
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    Who is Xehanort?

    Or, it could be because Xehanort is an anagram of No Heart without the X. Also, if DS was truly clouded by darkness, then from evidence, his appearance could somewhat change a bit to be Xehanort. Kinda like how AtW became tan as DiZ.
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    Famitsu Interview Tai Yasue

    Except, he said it's a special world. "Removed from reality." For some reason, I'm doubting it's as simple as "being in outer space". I'm guessing the armor figures are just copies of TAV. Used for training and whatnot. But, in this instance, instead of training, it's used for multiplayer. So...
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    who still wants jesse mccartney to be ven?

    Miiworld, the point of Jesse voicing Ven is to show that Ven and Roxas have a connection. Which is probably going to happen. So, to make it different would just be dumb. And, honestly, the reason you probably think Jesse didn't do as well as a job as he should have in 358/2 Days, may be because...
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    Stop acting as if everything you're saying is fact. It is no where near fact. No one knows if it has anything to do with memory, that's an assumption/theory. It seems to be related to memory, but no one knows. And who says the keychain makes the keyblade more powerful? Game mechanics-wise...
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    We don't know exactly what a keychain really is. Which is why threads like this exist. :/ Honestly, from recent evidence, I'm thinking it's lent power from an old Keyblade Master, and their keyblade.
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    There were a lot of threads. Just like this. Also, in recent scans, TAV do have keychains. We don't know what's up with that, though. :/ Though, it might be right. I mean MX was talking about the Keyblade Wars in the Keyblade Graveyard, and how all the keyblades have something to do with their...
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    Sleep takes Ven!!!

    Let's see the interview. Also, he said Coded wasn't linked with Days a lot, but Coded was linked with BBS heavily. So, it's basically, Days -> BBS <- Coded. Also. Thanks for the spoiler, and your post made no sense, OP.
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    Missing Characters in BBS?

    BEFORE the Destruction is. Afterwards, not so much. Or maybe she just has a warped mind.
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    BBS Theme Song.

    Well, mainstream 'American' bands. Metal is a whole different story, especially power metal. Take Kamelot for example. Lots of Fantasy right there. But, yeah. Metal will never be in Kingdom Hearts. :P So forget I said anything. Besides this. Japanese should stick with Kingdom Hearts. It's a...
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    Missing Characters in BBS?

    In some magazine, or something, it was like "Lost Boys: blahblahblah (there are 6 of them.)". I know it's a magazine, and they can easily get info wrong, but if all seven dwarfs are in Dwarf Woodland, I'd assume all 6 Lost Boys are going to be there.
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    possible connection?

    It is a Keyblade school. >_> Those emblems are to represent what school TAV are from. They LEARN. So it's a SCHOOL. :/ Also, yeah. Sure, it may be a bit over-the-top, but you can still see a resemblance. It could just be a minor thing, but it could also be pretty major. I'm still guessing...
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    Sora, the best?

    So, case closed, right? TAV > Sora. I think this thread has earned an honorary close.
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    possible connection?

    THERE we go. :P Yeah, I can see that. That emblem could be their keyblade's charm. (yes, I know it represents the school they go to) And, while they're still acting as apprentices, they can't use it as a chainlink, so their keyblade is limited in power, or something.
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    possible connection?

    Yeah, I see the cross... What's related about it?