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    I just wanna say

    that I love how my posting average is less than 0.50 posts per day. Not that anyone really cares. I just find it funny. So eeeeeeeeeeeeeeyah. what do you love about today?
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    so outta touch.

    I haven't been here in almost half a year... so whaddup? what's different/new on here?
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    ~Tomorrow is the big day!~

    JKFJLGHSDJFKF I'm sooooooooooo excited! Although, I won't be getting it until December 25. But still, it's here. : D Has there been any commercials for it?
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    RE:Chain of Memories

    Re: Chain of Memories GAHFHSYFWEAD. this just made my effing day. im so EEEXCCCITTEEDD!!!! i love my life. To Europeans: I'm really sorry. I know it must suck that it's not coming for you yet...but I'm sure they'll release it soon over there. They better. >:(
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    Lesser Nobodies will assist you?

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. I think the game would be too easy if you could use nobodies whenever you felt like it.
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    Mathematic Look at 358/2 [Repost]

    I remember this thread...and I also remember not understanding it at all, but now it totally makes sense.(: However, I think its just a coincidence. I think that the meaning of the title will be a little bit more simpler than that. But this is a semi-fresh idea, so kudos for that.
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    Fanfiction ► Kairi's Tale: The Untold Story of the Lost Princess

    Hey. Well, this is my first fanfic. I hope you enjoy it. Critiscism is welcome. (: UPDATE: Chapter 2 is up! Read it!!(; Kairi's Tale: The Untold Story of the Lost Princess CHAPTER 1. June 21. The day she was born. I'll never forget that day. The way her mother stroked her crisp new hair...
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    Possible meaning of BBS

    I like this...it makes a lot of sense and it's really simple. It doesn't have all the baggage that theories here usually have. lol nice job.
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    who do you think is the best fighting style in Organization XII?

    Fighting styles I like: Axel's-because of the chakrams and fire. Xaldin's-his stamina in battle is amazing! it seems like he never has a weak moment. Demyx's-he fights with water and an instrument. two of my favorite things in life.:D
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    simple question (bbs)

    I don't think there's one main person, I think that the three new characters are equally important.
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    Help/Support ► Have you ever?

    I had a slump like this last summer...I just got so bored out of my mind that I became depressed. It's weird how that works. Luckily you have a job, so that can help pass a little time. You should try exploring new things or doing new things. Find a book at the bookstore that has things to do...
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    BBS helpers

    Lol that's funny, good luck with that. I think that they're just there to help Mickey, to support him. But, maybe if Mickey was the 3rd playable charcter, Donald and Goofy would be there because they are Mickey's party members. But idk, that's just an idea.
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    BBS helpers

    Yeah, and they'll probably be A LOT more stronger than Donald and Goofy. With more health too, hopefully. lol, nice cut and paste job.
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    BBS helpers

    I don't really care if we don't have party members, but I'll probably die a lot sooner without them.:/ I hope that happens...that would be so cool.
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    Organization Priority List

    Wow this has really grown since the last time I saw it...nice work! But I think you need to lower Axel's placement in chair heights, because he did a lot of betrayal to Org. 13. So I don't think he'd be very high...
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    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Theory

    Your theory has been said a lot before, but I think we'll have to wait for the game to figure out what it means. But just for kicks, I think that it has something to do with the missions you have to complete in the games.:]
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    Birth By Sleep = Computer simulation. (Small theory)

    I think that the way Terra's keyblade is summoned is just the way that it's summoned. Maybe keyblades without keychains just summon differently.
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    Anti-Form, useful?

    It's fun, but not useful. I once got Anti-Form when I was fighting Xemnas the last time. Yeah. That sucked. But luckily you can revert in Anti. If you couldn't, then Anti would not be fun in my eyes at all.
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    Help/Support ► Dad found my stash

    No, actually, it's the opposite. For the record, I wasn't the one who started talking about whether or not what he did was right or wrong. Other people were talking about it so I gave my opinion. I believe you did that also. I'm sorry if you thought I attacked him, because I was actually mad at...
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    Help/Support ► Dad found my stash

    Yeah I will actually thanks. Stupid. Why don't you actually do something productive with your life? Anyway, the maker of this thread, that's what you get for smoking weed. You should have seen this coming. So I don't have any advice for you. Except stop smoking weed because it's a waste of...