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    who has the game???

    358/2 days...................................................
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    Maleficent=Dumbass XD

    when in Radiant Garden after fighting the 1000 heartless Maeficent interferes when Siax corners Sora, Donald and Goofy. What i'm wondering is why in the hell didn't she just beat the shit out of those nobodies and Siax????? To me that would have been funny as hell!!!! But when she used herself...
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    KH1 intro vid KH2 ending vid connection????

    ok in the beggining of KH1 there is Sora at one point who looks up in the sky and sees these blue meteors falling from the sky............then in KH2 after Sora and Riku are in the beach thing after fighting xemnas light appears and when they go into it it shows them as two blue meteors coming...
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    Is it just me?

    I didn't find the COM games hard at all i think thats because i fought just about every heartless in each room i was on Lvl 30 somethin when i fought him and i was on lvl 65 when i beat the game it is a boring strategy but its fun if you mix it up by looking at sleights and using different ones:)
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    World Limit Commands

    My fav one to use was goofy because of Knocksmash I use it in all boss battles when possible.
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    World Limit Commands

    I agree I thought that it made it way easy but some of them they were really awesome
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    World Limit Commands

    I personally never used the one with Jack Sparrow but when i did i thought his was the coolest one i like how he throws a bomb in the treasure chest
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    World Limit Commands

    Which limit command that you can use with the world characters(Riku, Alladin,Jack Sparrow,Jack Skellington ect...) do you think have the best or coolest limit command to use i'd say Jack Sparrow.
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    KH2 Cosplay

    Hey i was lookin' at cosplay and wanted to buy some but when i started to look at it the costumes looked like they weren't made out of good material and looked thin and flat is it just me or do others out there feel this way?
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    can someone tell me where to put a thread on cosplay so that i don't get any shit from anyone PLZ?
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    Who has beaten it

    Who has beaten the the KH days game import and what was your fav scene or part even thuogh you couldn't understand it unless of course you speak Japanese??? Sorry if this needs to be put in spoilers section please do put it there for me.
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    Disney isn't so innocent.

    Not sure if any of you have noticed but in just about every disney cartoon there is a sexual reference like in"The Rescuers Down Under" the bird guy asks if they seen 2 little mice runnin' around down there and the other birds look at him disgusted and fly away. Has anyone noticed one of these...
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    ????Thank, Namine?????

    Sora never did thank Namine which is kinda messed dontcha think???
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    Who will you play as in Days?

    I'd have to say Axel, definitely Xigbar i want to see what damage those guns can cause and Roxas for the daul weilding Keyblades
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    Level at Destiny Islands

    When I was on the islands I fought Tidus(kid with wooden pole LOL) a bunch of times and i would attack when he did to get the 2 tech points every time until i killed him and i would keep repeating the process until i was on level 9 and had scan and gaurd then iwould keep killling all of the...
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    Way to make BBS better

    YAY someone finally gets it(Applause) Your rep just got raised a point=]
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    Way to make BBS better

    I wasn't "Intending" that it wasn't good enough just saying how the screen of psp can in fact be enlarged by a tv screen.(I wasn't critisizing it, just stating a fact.
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    Way to make BBS better

    i get your point and i respect that i'm not going against any of you i'm just trying to help so that those of you who want to buy this have it beforehand. Also making a double of a thread can be good too just in case some didn't see it and those might actually want to know about it...
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    Way to make BBS better

    ok but i don't need like 5 people saying the same thing like 3 times
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    Way to make BBS better

    okay you know all i was trying to do was help you guys out if you wanted to play BBS on tv thats all this thread was about so stop trying to be jerks............................glad thats over. Also people make mistakes when typing so don't go critisizing everything you see that don't meet...