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  1. Neku's nobody

    Are you satisfied by BBS?

    Honestly my favorite game was KH I and If it would have had the battle system BBS has then it would be god! Best Battle Mechanics in the series! Much better than any of the Kingdom Hearts Games Before it. The specific ability placement and the D-link system is music to my brain.
  2. Neku's nobody

    Small Plot Hole

    Remember, Goofie had no idea where the king was and all he probably heard was Pete got banished. So he assumed it was the king
  3. Neku's nobody

    A plothole/aspect that alwasy bugged me after seeing Ven's story.

    It is all explained in the first xehanorth report called "Xehanorth's letter"
  4. Neku's nobody

    Fanfiction ► The colors of Betwix. (First Fan-fic)

    The first phase: A result of dawn But before my feet could move from the corner were I awoke A dark shadow cloaked me. And when the shadows disspersed there it was. My new life in the form of a black and silver coat. but the biggest suprise was when i looked at my watch and saw that not a...
  5. Neku's nobody

    Triple Triad Help!

    For some reason when I lose it says I lose just one card. But I end up losing them all. And Also when It ends in a draw I end up with no cards either. So whats happenin?
  6. Neku's nobody

    Best EXP Grinding method for Terra

    Is there one of these for Aqua. Im tiered of doing the Arena levels over and over.
  7. Neku's nobody

    So how did they make a second one?

    And aren't the hearts of the worlds the representation of all of the denizens of said world? I can undertand how the hearts can gather in darkness, but essentially, they are all the same hearts. Aren't they? So there wouldn't be any reason to form a second one. But you guys really helped. Thanks :D
  8. Neku's nobody

    What became of Xehanort?

    Simple. Considering all of the test he subjected himself to in during the plot in kingdom hearts II, he was able to retain his human for whilst a heartless. Then Such a strong heart created the nobody, Xemnas. According to the KH universe. If you slay a heartless and later his nobody, the light...
  9. Neku's nobody

    So how did they make a second one?

    This thought just popped up in my head a minute ago. How was the organization able to redirect all the hearts captured in kingdom hearts II towards a second kingdom hearts? Shouldn't it all have gone to the original one. Or was it because the door to kingdom hearts was closed in the first game?
  10. Neku's nobody

    Fanfiction ► The colors of Betwix. (First Fan-fic)

    A greater purpose... I keep hearing these screams which I now deem to be reality. But I just can't quite pinpoint the shrieks. The winds howling through my ears as I learn to control these things growing out of my back on the fly. "Just let me concentrate!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs...
  11. Neku's nobody

    Fanfiction ► The colors of Betwix. (First Fan-fic)

    Guys with pinneapple stile hair can't be that bad "Betwix? Is this supposed to be a joke, or are you seriously demented?" I asked. Such a farfetched idea could not for the life of me get a grasp on my mind. Suddenly he turned around and I saw his back, those wings which gave him that almost...
  12. Neku's nobody

    Fanfiction ► The colors of Betwix. (First Fan-fic)

    The land of the falling stars. The crimson skies of Ariadne, as strange and enchanting as ever. But I can't remember that which some may call an epiphany. What was that power but nothing more than an enchantment? And the blinded angel, did I suffer awakening or experienced paranoia? Side...
  13. Neku's nobody

    Fanfiction ► The colors of Betwix. (First Fan-fic)

    I was a member of the forums about 1 year ago in order to obtain alot of info on BBS. Now im back. I wanted to post this cause its really been picking at me and I want to share it with others. It is set 100 years before the formation of Radiant Garden, before the war of the light creates the...
  14. Neku's nobody

    Is Org XIII really THAT bad?

    Technically nobodies cant feel. only roxas cause sora's hearts was so strong and he had many memories of feeling.
  15. Neku's nobody

    Is Org XIII really THAT bad?

    Thats what im saying, SAIX ISNT EVIL!
  16. Neku's nobody

    Is Org XIII really THAT bad?

    Re: Is Org XIII really that BAD? I dont think they actually went around the worlds doing what maleficent did. But they did realesse hearless into the worlds and expect roxas and sora to derstroy them.
  17. Neku's nobody

    What if...

    I write when I need to let loose because I find it as a way to vent my self even if I had a great day. I wrote this one when I realized that my crush never really would see me as an option ---------- A dark haired dream came out from my mind and into the real world she had grace in the...
  18. Neku's nobody

    Help/Support ► what the fuck

    I had it 2 weeks ago and im already back at the paintball field
  19. Neku's nobody

    Why did kairi...

    I was playing over KH1 the other day and when i got to never land it suddenly hit me that kairi even though she did make a nobody she never actually turn into a hearless, she just remained an empty vessel, why?