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    What IS wrong with KH2 Aerith?

    no emotion, she sounded depressed.
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    Xion playable?

    I hope she is. being able to play Xion as well as all the other characters will make the game much more interesting.
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    New 358/2 Days Pics

    very nice:lol:
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    Lit ► the book of useless information

    anybody else read the book of useless information series and think its funny!
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    whene they remembered

    I was thinking about it, and it this question dawned on me. After everybody began to remember Sora did the people on Destiny Island wonder where He and Riku had dissapeared too?
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    "Friends" of Roxas?

    I think they were all freinds, but because they keep being told they have no emotions and that they dont truely exist its easy for them to let each other go
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    Am I Alone on This?

    I liked it, but not as much as KH II it seemed to be more complicated, but the card system maked it unique.
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    eye color

    anybody notice that the most of the main characters eyes are blue, aqua, yellow, or brown. only a few are green like Olette and selphie, and fuu has red eyes. this isn't including the disney characters.
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    wow, didnt think of that, now ive got to check
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    The connection between SRK, VAT, and RAX

    the kairi, namine, and xion thing actually makes some sense, with its share of flaws
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    Namine and Coded

    I agree with Byronic Hero why would she mess with the journal, she wants to have freinds right? so shouldn't she be truthful and not mess with it? and Riku and DiZ was there to watch her anyway.
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    pocahontus world

    I was thinking (no thats not a big thing for me) as I was watching the pocahontas movie what if it was a world in one of the new games. Radcliff can be that bad guy in all that stuff.
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    Virtual school?

    I take virtual school, and I want to know if any one else does, and if so whats your opinion on it
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    Would you cheer for or boo Roxas if he does this?

    I would keep playing, with roxas you didn't get as much action as sora did
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    i need some help

    yeah I was stuck on that forever then I got my one card from the mushroom and beat it:laugh: the sora part anyway
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    A big BBS theory

    Whoa, this actually makes alot of sense:ohmy: and I didnt think about the sepreration of a soul to be put into another body. you should get like a noble prize or somethin'
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    Pre Order Bonus with Re: Chain of Memories from GameStop

    definetly pre-ordering:laugh:
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    Gamespot Updates with Re:CoM Preview + New Images

    Nice, these are awsome :thumbsup:
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    Iron Man

    I just want an opinion, does anyone think that theres going to be another Iron Man Movie?
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    A possible reason as to why the POH in BBS did not age?

    hello these are some of the oldess disney characters, there like timeless!