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    I suck at titles, but click this anyways.

    Thread Just like the movies. Takes place in New York City. Your character is just a regular person, so no they can't have super magic powers that automatically destroys the living dead or anything retarded. Don't include anything in your profile other than what I've listed there. You'll...
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    Sign-up anything other than this that is OOC in this thread will be disregarded. ohohohoho cocks.
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    project MOTHER

    ANNOUNCEMENT: The server has been under heavy maintenance, however MOTHER shall be online September 1st, 2009. Welcome to MOTHER, the world’s first MMORPG in which the player is the input device. Utilizing modern technology, MOTHER allows players to use peripherals sold with the game in order...
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    Something similar to .hack?

    Hi there, I was wondering if anybody would be interested in taking part in a roleplay that is somewhat similar to .hack in terms of concept. I already have an idea for the overall plot of it, however it would largely be based on the interaction between each of our characters rather than story...
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