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  1. DraceEmpressa

    KH references and cameos in other media?

    As Twisted Wonderland is an ongoing gacha, as it progresses further there is even more KH references. The 2021 Halloween event in TWST have similar shape of the bubbles from DDD As the story progresses, maybe this is just me , but while Malleus Silver is possibly reference to relationship...
  2. DraceEmpressa

    Idea for putting The Union X Player Character in KH4

    friendly reminder that: 1: xehanort is nomura's fave 2: the previous arc is officially called dark seeker saga not xehanort saga. they never confirmed xehanort will stop appearing also there is the implication DR is part of second phase the way UX is, all signs point out to Xehanort come...
  3. DraceEmpressa

    Will KH4 be the last part of the series ?

    I think that does happen, but oh so subtly. YX says " not this time" in Toy Box meaning there is another timeline where Old Nort won but he changes that , as he tells Sora to find hearts connected to him ( which saving the others at the final battle) . He also says " you already paid the...
  4. DraceEmpressa

    Will KH4 be the last part of the series ?

    If they really aware KH sells they should have done better. every game but kh1 feels like they 're not giving their all.
  5. DraceEmpressa

    News ► Kingdom Hearts IV and Missing-Link officially announced!

    He is Nomura's fave, author's fave have more lives than the fandom's fave he will be somewhat mix of Orochimaru and Homura Akemi and I will have my fun watching fandom lost it over anything related to him
  6. DraceEmpressa

    News ► Kingdom Hearts IV and Missing-Link officially announced!

    We all know the selling factor for gacha is 70% horny and 30% nostalgia from the cases, and those games who succeed are those who sells character unit and not weapons. KHX/KHDR cards/ KHUX medals are more like weapons than character units that flesh them for the sake of horny/nostalgia, and...
  7. DraceEmpressa

    News ► Kingdom Hearts IV and Missing-Link officially announced!

    so.... Quadratum is basically G rated Daten City? modern town that is actually Purgatory? okay so, now we see Brain and Strelitzia, skuld arc when?
  8. DraceEmpressa

    Tetsuya Nomura shares Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Message + Sketch

    *sees a lot of Norts in the sketches* man , do I relate to Nomura wanting for Xehanort to return, half because legit I like him and half because I want to see fandom in shambles.
  9. DraceEmpressa

    Spoilers ► Don Bluth worlds…?

    I think Xehanort is shaping up to be the Orochimaru of KH. Purely gray scientist whose true loyalty only lie in science itself and get away with all his war crimes. I think it was mentioned Dark Seeker Saga is arc AGAINST Xehanort, therefore further stories ABOUT him, as ally is not part of Dark...
  10. DraceEmpressa

    Spoilers ► question regarding Nomura's views on the story so far?

    Ya know , non canon ships a lot of times brings in more fans . Like the yaoi nonchanon ships for a famous work will get more fanwork than canon ship of a actual yaoi work. And if you somehow see it through the author's eyes, to relate to the author and see stuff from the author-particularly the...
  11. DraceEmpressa

    Thoughts on this possible leak for the 20th anniversary?

    at least if SE learn their mistake is not making mobile games (yes, guys, the mistake isn't in making mobile games) that the info isn't dripfeed for like 5 minutes of main story plot in 4 months or they finally learn to sell the horny (even cookie run do it. seriously) i can live with that.
  12. DraceEmpressa

    Yes, they did announce an anime, a manga is ongoing and there is a light novel coming, twst is...

    Yes, they did announce an anime, a manga is ongoing and there is a light novel coming, twst is getting so much stuff, man, rip the wallet of the fans Day 1 of En launch.... or day 1 Jp launch? whenever I look at Silver was like. He baby. he disney princess. but he is??? twisted from the sword...
  13. DraceEmpressa

    News ► Twisted Wonderland Have Come To The US

    Twisted Wonderland, a game developed by Aniplex and licensed by Disney Japan have come to the US at 20 January 2022 when it was released two years ago in 18 March in Japan. WIth Yana Toboso filling in quite the number of creative position of the game (namely, concept writer, scriptwriter...
  14. DraceEmpressa

    I want to start a new thread about Twisted Wonderland US release (very late, I know, the game...

    I want to start a new thread about Twisted Wonderland US release (very late, I know, the game launched like a week ago), do I post on the Disney thread or on the video games thread? and I'm curious how much of you all are into it, saw some people already make comparison to KH now that it's out...
  15. DraceEmpressa

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Event held in Tokyo on April 10th

    I wish marketing materials is a lot more honest that KH is more than "anime spiky haired kids fights Disney villain to save his damsel" , that KH is an acid trip plot with its fair share of edginess and legitimately serious plot. I hardly see people complained about FGO's acid trip plot , or...
  16. DraceEmpressa

    Jeff Grubb expects Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Event to happen this Spring

    Oh man, glad I'm not the only one who thinks the same. I am about to raise the argument Twisted Wonderland get away with the creativity that they are expies instead of the disney characters themselves, but first, it's a "well no, but actually yes" situation as they look like expies, are expies...
  17. DraceEmpressa

    Spoilers ► Do you prefer the Old Organization XIII to the new one?

    sometimes I feel like some questions are easily answered if you followed socmed tags, be it instagram , tumblr, or art sites like Pixiv or Deviantart that it's already so clear people prefer the old org, be it japan fandom or western one. Just like if you had poll about ..... anything in the...
  18. DraceEmpressa

    Spoilers ► Actions of Lauriam & Elrena in future games

    This is like asking why Sailor Moon or Demon Slayer ends up in a way that closes up possible sequels. So that devs doesn't ask the author to milk the work to hell and back, even way past their burnout line. Sure, I was giving entire work as example here, instead of characters , but same...
  19. DraceEmpressa

    For others who want more Square enix stuff in kh

    Hands down Pandora Hearts. It's manga instead of game, but hey, published by SE nonetheless, I would like the idea does falling into the Abyss/overlimit their contract in PH could mean falling into the darkness.