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    Light? Dark? Or Twilight?

    Light All the way!
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    Shaman King!

    Does anyone here like Shaman King?
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    List Your Favorite Games Here and Rate Them!

    Mine so far is Kingdom Hearts with a rating of 9.5/10 and StarOcean Till the end of Time with a rating of 8.9/10 plus Chain of Memories with a rating of 9.0/10!
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    um...what is this? DO you really think that the incredibles will be on Kingdom Hearts 2? Square Enix has nothing to do with the incredibles...
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    new keyblades

    I'm going with 32 keyblades because If there were too many keyblades, scrolling through the list and trying to find the right one would be a really big hassle.
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    Anyone here play Star Ocean Till the End of Time?

    I have and what do you think of it?
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    4 ppl fighting...

    this is pretty cool. I hope that there will be fighting with 4 ppl.
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    Which Square Enix Game Do You Prefer?

    I'm thinking of buying a Square Enix game but can't decide which to get. Can all of you help me? Just post your fave final fantasy game.
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    Theory behind Sora's new 'dark' clothes

    Any guess of yours is a guess of mine. Pretty resonable.
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    Favorite COM Sleight

    I like HOLY! It takes like 3/4 of the opponent's health point bar.
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    Kingdom Hearts : Dual Wielder

    Now is he going to change without namine or donald or goofy looking at him...lol back to the topic. I think that it's one year because he pretty much lost all his memories(they even forgot that they were supposed to look for Riku and the King) on the way up castle oblivion. All they remember is...
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    Make Your Own Fused Character Version 1.0

    Names of Characters to Fuse (both KH characters and FF characters are allowed) Overdrive(limit break) Weapon Name of weapon Damage of Overdrive Example: Cloud and Sephiroth FallingMeteorOmnescence Extended Murasune MeteorRain 99999x10 hitsx99999(meteors)x10=1999980
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    'mature' heartless.

    Yeah i'm going to be playing it too. I don't care whether the game is rated T(Which it most certainly isn't) i just want to play a really good game.
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    What if Sora was homosexual??????

    Whoa...um...yeah I would play the game for a little while and abandon it in the woods after an hour of playing...
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    'mature' heartless.

    Yeah I agree. Hey did you notice that most of the characters in KH2 like mickey and Riku look kind of gothic because of the unknown cloaks that they are wearing?lol anyway my point is that the whole "wonderful world of Disney" just took a dive in reality and isn't so cute anymore.
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    Question about MapleStory...

    Is the game good and fun? I really need to know before I download it.
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    New theory about the BFU

    That goes double for me. Pretty good theory.^_^
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    Dragon Malefecient

    Three HOURS!!!????? Sorry i don't mean to brag or hurt your feelings but I beat her(it) in about 8 minutes on level 59-61.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 info!!! I'm Back!!!

    Yeah i'm going with The One He Fears on this one. They wouldn't be showing the new trailers if there was nothing new about them. I mean if someone were to show you their trailer and it had some stuff from Kingdom Hearts, the action in the trailer would be good but it would be reusing all the...