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    Fanfiction ► A Moon Turned Blue by FoT

    wow, It's great FOT. I'm rather impressed. Though I keep getting mental images of the worst game ever Enchanted Arms when I read it for some reason.... Despite that, it's amazing Curdy-Bird. =].
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    god's greatest gift to us women....

    what life would be life for women without maxipads??? They never fail to do there duty. they are amazing. I think i'm gonna go buy a box right now. I JUST LOVE MAXI PADS!
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    Okage shadow King

    has anyone played that rpg game, i was just woundering if it was any good
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    Fanfiction ► kh tv intro song

    what she said. If the music was realy good then it might work. but the lyrics could use.... some work
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    City in deep dive playable

    We all no this is old news, so could a mod please close this thread now.
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    tarzan or disney castle forest???

    like everyone else said, its Mulans world
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    BHK has a Drive

    i am so happy we get to play as the BHK. it'll be awesome
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    kairi & sora

    lol that would be funny
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    kairi & sora

    I'm just saying a kiss. like at the end of snow white. Nothing nasty people
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    traverse town in kh2

    Cid will be in it, He's in like every Square ENIX game
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    kairi & sora

    a kiss doesn't make it R! I'm not saying they are gonna do something nasty just a kiss.
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    kairi & sora

    I'm pretty sure they will have Kiari and Sora kiss. Cause I mean they are fifteen, they aren't just gonna hug.
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    What Genres Would You Like To See In KH2?

    lots of comedy and drama. and as keyblade of light said, some romance to spice things up.
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    traverse town in kh2

    i doubt it wil be in it because i think Twilight Town is the new Traverse town in KH2. So like Traverse town in KH I think Twilight Town is the world we will be visiting most often and where the story will start off.
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    I know people dont like these posts and im sorry but...

    I have a freind who lives in england and played CoM; rpg master. he might be able to help you
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    Walt Disney Knowing about Kingdom hearts Is it real!

    Yeah...sure he was....xD You better be joking! just imagine walt disney walking around with a giant key saying "Let me seal the keyhole!" He'd probaley be in an insaine asylume by 16. POST THE PICS!
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    Root for me

    wow i could never get to lvl 100 the highest on DI i got was lvl 20
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    Walt Disney Knowing about Kingdom hearts Is it real!

    of course it is real, you didnt know???? and i wanna see the pics to.
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    kh cut scene

    thanks people...but i am looking for more then the end and the begning scenes
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    Squall in KH2

    kinda off the current subject but okay....