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  1. J

    about passion

    While watching the kh2 intro for bout the 80th time maybe, I was paying careful attention to the singing of passion (no i cannot understand ANY jap). Anyways, when Sora and co. are running up the stairs of Castle Oblivion, I'm pretty sure the song clearly says "My heart's a battleground" in...
  2. J

    People who dont believe in KH2 Rumors and such

    But theories and rumors are really all that we have... Game developers spend years just on one title, and ofcourse they have to tell us about it before they even get started. That leaves alot of time for anticipation to turn into disapointment, obsession, anger, or even hatred toward the...
  3. J

    BHK and Sora, one form?

    I personally believe that bhk is bhk, sora is sora, and that's all there is to it. And while they may be connected through use of the keyblade, I think everyone's severly putting too much thought into the whole light/dark/twilight sided... thing. Anyways... *prepares for nonconstructive critisism*
  4. J

    Kairi in the 13th Order

    She looks kind of awesome in that cloak though. (Take notes Square) :)
  5. J

    Tron confirmed

    tron just seams a little too far out there... even by kh standards. I guess if anyone can pull it off though, it's nomura.
  6. J

    What do we know about weapons in KH2? And what do we hope for?

    Donald and Goofy will probably be able to buy weapons or collect them from defeated heartless just like before. I imagine Sora's strength upgrades not being as much with new weapons (keychains) but through learning new abilities like the fusion and that reaction command thing. An unknown is...
  7. J

    A thought on DWU and BFU

    I don't like the idea of bhk handing out keyblades to just anybody like that. Did he even know riku and mickey at the time? Very wreckless on his part.
  8. J

    New News.....

    I still wanna see kid Tidus fighting beside Sora atleast while on the Islands. Maybe they can team up against the bhk. :)
  9. J

    bhk where ??

    I beleive that there will be more than one instance where we will be able to controll bhk. I can only hope, however, that these are entirely optional. If the game made it mandatory that play time be taken away from Sora, I'd prolly smash the controller.
  10. J

    Playing KH2

    Yea, school's just going to have to wait about a week or so on this one... I mean which is more important? KH2!
  11. J

    wheres tidus and wakka

    Tidus should throw away that stick he is always playing with, pull out his Caladbolg, and join the party for a couple of fights. :)
  12. J

    the worlds connect

    i was going to say this but you beat me to it. In Mickey's letter he sais that stars have been going out one by one (the worlds being destroyed by the heartless). This insures that the heartless have been destroying words and breaking down the barriers that devide them since a while before the...
  13. J

    Leveling up

    Yea you are right. I still wish we could start on whatever level we finished kh1 at. (or whenever we got to final rest to the last savepoint anyways) But then they would have to make low lvl heartless like shadows strong enough to compete with a lvl 99 sora. And that's just crazy. The only...
  14. J

    Leveling up

    This is related to the Level 5 thread, but in KH2 when sora is like... well, lets use lvl 5. Do you think sora's kh2 lvl 5 will be the same strength as his kh1 lvl 5 was? (how could he have gotten to be that weak again?) Or maybe it will be equivilant to about a level 104 kh1 sora. If that's the...
  15. J

    Disney Castle playable?

    The summon doesn't work but the code to get the summon does. that's what we meant.
  16. J

    Disney Castle playable?

    apparently as far as i can figure it... the disney castle world wasn't removed (programmer laziness), just the ability to get there. same is with the bahamut summon. they didn't want to take the time to remove it completely so they just got rid of however sora was saposed to aquire it. all it...
  17. J

    Disney Castle playable?

    Ok, i saw this on a kh site one day... "There is also a glitch in the game to play In Disney Castle. In the first trailer, we saw a player controlled Sora running around Disney Castle. But unfortunately, it didn't make the final game. But, like the Bahamut Summon, A bit of the programming was...
  18. J


    I would also like to see as summons: Shiva ('cause she's my fav) Beast because he was extremely helpful in KH when sora got stuck with the wooden sword after Riku stole the keyblade. Neo shadows! yea, that would be a weird twist. I was going to say darkside but he probably has a grudge against...
  19. J


    This was said in another thread, but maybe we'll get some good old fashioned summon materia!
  20. J


    I saw a gameshark code for KH1 to summon bahamut so i just had to try it. He did appear on the sumons list, but the game just froze when i sellected it. I would definately want to summon him in KH2.