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    Young MX revealed!

    I thought Nomura had stated this was a vision Terra had of Riku's future, and the reason why he chose him to be his successor...
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    Birth By Sleep NA Stream [major SPOILERS]

    There we have it the KH holy trinity: Body, Heart and Spirit.
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    Another take on '3D'

    Personally Ive been wondering about either 3rd Door or 3rd Dive. This last being the one I'm most inclined to believe, seen that sora has had one Dive when he first met Ven and held his heart (if that can be understood as one), another just before KH and maybe another after he reconected with Roxas.
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    Guy With Two Blue Blades???

    Thanks a lot, Sign. I can actually agree with this idea, but I can't remember the exact point in the series that explicitly mentions that the heart must be lost to the darkness in order to produce a Nobody. I can actually remember the game suggesting that but it was never set on stone (this or...
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    Guy With Two Blue Blades???

    Well has anybody considered Master Xehanort's Nobody? Hell Nomura never gave a full explanation on what happened immediately in that fateful fight against terra, as to whatever happened to his body (we know well about his heart). Btw AtW or Terranort doesn't make any sense. The only strange...
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    Interview Famitsu

    Maybe its something less precise: Three Doors (i.e. the one in DI and both leading to the KH we know from 1 and 2) or even Three Dives/Dawns Edit: just a crazy suggestion: Re: 358/2 Days - Sora's Heart (that would explain rather strange events, and Riku coming up as a protagonist)
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    [coded] Cards in Chapter 8 (possible spoilers)

    Hey guys, I've been wondering this for a while but since I could not find an answer anywhere I will just ask in case someone knows. After you finish each of the rooms in chapter 8, you may receive one out of three possible cards depending on what you did: normal, another and extra. At some...
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    20 KH Mysteries Solved! Sort of.

    I don't get the last question: how can Aqua and AtW meet after KHII and one year before KM goes into the realm of darkness in search of the keyblade? Edit: ah now i get it, but a comma there would really help =P - So now KM wasn't able to do anything to save Aqua then... Btw it's strange how...
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    New episode of Coded still to come?

    Thank God, this game can still be saved! Anyway, I actually believe it will be more like Aqua behind all this than AtW, can't anyone actually die in this game otherwise?
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    Ven's eyes

    It's a possibility, although Ven seems to get a bit too depressive in certain points to actually be a "Prince of Heart". Moreover, it could actually be his nobody we see there, I mean, nobodies actually look like their somebodies when those have a strong heart (which he probably has), and before...
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    Ven's eyes

    Nah, if you look closely, ven's eyes look very strange, almost... lifeless I'd say. Maybe that explains the dark figure besides him on DI. So I guess sometime after he's frozen he loses his heart somehow? Anyway I'm not even sure about these meteors if they really happen at the same time Sora's...
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    Episode 7 Summary! [SPOILERS]

    I still have hope for a next episode, Nomura said Coded's climax was getting closer, but this episode did everything but presented a climax to the story. We don't know what happens to Maleficent or Pete, where does this new door leads to, etc. But somehow I cannot stop thinking that the person...