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    the first time i tried it i wanted to see what happens and let the ship get too heavy....on the second time i would use valor form and have the 2 strongest keyblades equipped and hacked away without locking on
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    let us get one thing straight here!!!!

    Nomura said there will be new characters???....hmm must missed that one
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    WAAAA!!!!!!Seph Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that would be cool and those modding powers wouldn't be used for evil anyway....im just sick of seeing Sephiroth threads everywhere....if these ppl would look instead of making new threads about him then it would be fine
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    WAAAA!!!!!!Seph Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who cares about Sephiroth anyway??? you people make it sound like if it wasn't for him this game would suck or wouldn't be here. To that one person who said wished to be a mod...I don't blame ya. if I was a mod every Sephiroth thread would be closed or deleted. and i don't care what you say or...
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    Torn Pages

    there are 5 total but i only have 4 so far
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    you got to tell me how you got lower than 6....my lowest one is 8 and im sick of trying that i said the hell with it
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    Favorite form?

    brave form cuz you can kick some serious @$$ with those 2 keyblades at once:D
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    DVD Rom?

    ^^^ that was pretty damn funnyabout the girl
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    Favorite Summon

    I don't know..will let you know when i get the game(if the ups truck ever comes)
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    New Screenshots!!!!

    Thanks for finding me some new backgrounds:D
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    Question (Regarding KH2 and the forums)

    ^^^ what this person said
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    *FUN* how will KH2 control u once u own it

    now that sounds like a winner:D
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    Question about KH2??

    well just shoot me then....i've been in the hopstial...my wife had our baby on the 20th and also too i never did say it would be updated everyday
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    Question about KH2??

    thank god there is no online play.
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    Question about KH2??

    Is Kingdom Hearts 2 gonna have online play too? I'm sick and tired of these other PS2 games you can play online. P.S. if this is not in the right place plz move it
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    *FUN* how will KH2 control u once u own it

    probally be playing it after i get done with everything else esp with my newborn
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    ????? vs. sora in english (spiolers)

    that was cool
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    Can you believe how close it is

    its nothing gbr1rbg
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    Can you believe how close it is

    the 4 year wait is over in 2 weeks