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    Ending cutscene: Kairi

    She was too heavy? Or maybe it was the fact that he didn't want to see her anymore. I mean, he'd leave Kairi for Riku, wow... talk about some yaoi decisions there...
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    Jesse McCartney as roxas

    Check this out.... As long as Roxas doesn't start to F!@#$ing sing in the game, I don't really give a.....You get my drift.
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    Kingdom Hearts II Visual Art Book

    Yeah, the most they did out of that was a little demo on how the PS3 graphics engine works. FFVII remake is not coming in the near future, if at all.
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    Kingdom Hearts (II) Ultimania Booklet Release date

    I hate that it's only released in Japan. Do you think they'll make enough for the people who buy it imported to the US? They have a history of Ultimania's being out of stock like the first few months it was released. Then we'd have to buy it used and practically destroyed. >_> Anyway, thanks...
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    Namie and BHK

    Wait, it isn't confirmed that Namine is the shell of Kairi. She's just a random girl that has the power to rewrite people's memories. She's jealous of Kairi's relationship with Sora. It is confirmed that Sora's shell is Roxas.
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    About Blindfolded Riku...

    It's been a while since I've visited this place, but I have a question about DD/ASAS and KH2. In the hidden videos, they show Riku with a blindfold and everything, but I heard that in KH2 he takes Xehanort's form. So like, do we even see Blindfolded Riku in KH2? Is he even blind? What's with the...
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    Will Sora collect new keychains as he did in KH1?

    I read somewhere [Don't ask, I forgot.] That he uses different keyblade combinations by fusing with the world's special character. For example, [I'm not saying this is how it's going to be] if goes to Halloween Town and combines with Jack, he'll get the Pumpkin Head blade plus the default chain...