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    Zexion, Riku and Roxas

    good point i forgot about that
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    Zexion, Riku and Roxas

    With that being said how do other organization member sknow when a misson has been failed if they members who went to do it arent back yet. So maybe theres some kind of way for Xemnas and the others to see it. I mean if they can create worlds from memories and turn them into cards(smh) then im...
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    Zexion, Riku and Roxas

    Also the extra Marluxia battle at the end , the organization cards and a bunch of other small stuff
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    Who are you going to play in 358/2 Days

    I would like to test out Xigbar those snipers are kinda badass
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    Concerning limit breaks.

    Yea i agree I could see that happening such as crisis core when you get the right numbers the ability levels up
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    Xion`s Keyblade And Roxas

    After watching the video on the main page something caught my attenion. Riku said her keyblade was fake. We dont really know that for sure yet. Roxas has the ability to dual wield correct? But from all the videos ive seen of 358/2 days he hasnt been doing that. So is it possible that whatever...
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    How Come??

    ok we all saw the new pics from BBS right? now how come Terra and Ven have those Shield things on thier arm but Aqua doesnt?? any theories?
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    what if......

    what if mickey died or sacrificed his life for something we would b in need of a new king sor acould b king and since kairi is a princess she could be queen u have goofys royal knights and donalds royal mages and riku could be the ummm governor or somethin idk
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    kingdom hearts and ...........

    if u could combine kingdom hearts and another gam or series what would it be?? for me it would b DBZ could u imagine fightin like that with keyblades oh yea
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    Namines abilities

    ok in my opinion namine isnt as sot nd fragile as every 1 make her out 2 be yea she can rearrange memories and all dat but is evryone forgetting about wen she smashed the fake rikus heart in COM if anyone was to fight namine she could smah ur heart or rearrange ur memories and make u forget u...
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    BBS Video

    hey R-K i am usin vixy let u suggested and its helped alot with music too but my prob is wen i put a video on my psp and try 2 watch it it says its corrupted any tips?
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    oh wait part 2 TIMELESS RIVER WTF was that saving burning buildings and get hit my cars that was some bull$&%@ pete being in the game was some dumb crap
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    LION KING!!! I HATED THAT WORLD especiallly the second time when u had 2 fight dat big elephant thing omfg no drive and olny simba he got killed atleast 50 times in dat fight Simba: I cant do this stupid son of a #@#$%&*
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    BBS Video

    ok whats the link if u have it?
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    What is the Cavern of Remembrance

    well the cave is what leads up to the doors where you can fight the data of the organization members but evrybody is saying that they r hard all the videos we have seen have been on critcal mode so of course there going to b if KHII:FM+ comes out in america den i know im not tryin critcal first...
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    BBS Video

    yea how do i do dat cause evry time i try a link its broken nd it keeps pissin me off
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    BBS Video

    yes i know i can watch it on youtube and khinsider but i want to find a downloadable versoin for my psp so i can watch it nd show it 2 people who havent seen it can anyon give ,e a link to one with sound and all?
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    Xehanort and BBS villain Simularities.

    it was pointless to bring up HSM wen were talkin about family relations in kh and yes pooh is infinitely better
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    Xehanort and BBS villain Simularities.

    eww high school musical the biggest gayestr thing next 2 barney
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    Xehanort and BBS villain Simularities.

    because every stoy has the twist no one expects