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    So Question Pertaining to Master Xehanort's Return...

    ^^I remember somebody explaining when MX left Terra's body, he could have left a piece of his heart in him like Braig and Saïx, leaving Terra as Terra-Xehanort from BBS. 'Course, all we have to go on are assumptions and Nomura's taunting teases left in the Ultimania. God, KHIII needs to come...
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    Why is BBS vol. II so crucial? *POTENTIAL SPOILERS*

    Right...But didn't Nomura just announce the next game would finish Xehanort's chapter? AKA Kingdom Hearts III?
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    Lea Discussion

    Re: Ok everyone...Lea gets.. Personally I think it's cool he has a Keyblade now. I just want the secret ending involves SOMETHING along the lines of Sora and Riku getting ready to save TAVRNX, because not ONE name drop was revealed to Sora or Riku. Aqua and AtW are the easiest, if that's...
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    KH3D Livestreams, Comprehensive Impressions, and Playthroughs!

    Re: KH3D Livestreams! Is there a list of all the command decks there? I wouldn't mind one. From the looks of it, all the moves from BBS may return. Link: http://kh13.com/zenphoto/albums/books/dream-world-navigation/a4.jpg "アイスバラージュ" Riku apparently learns Aqua's Ice Barrage if that...
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    Famitsu Screenshots - The Grid, Radiant Garden, Mysterious Tower

    Agreed. I can totally see him becoming a Master. Also, Nomura mentioned that a scene takes place DURING credits. Huh...So that's what he meant by unconventional ending.
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    KH 3D Official Site Updated! (2/14)

    I for one was happy to see Tornado and Meteor Crash. Here's hoping they have Ragining Storm and Firaga Burst. I know those are Aqua's moves, but hey Sora learned them once, he can learn them again. Riku probably can too.
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    KH 3D Official Site Updated! (2/14)

    That trailer...This game is gonna be...I don't even....*faints* *Wakes up day later* Quick question: Has anybody managed to take this trailer and convert into those downloadable Quicktime videos? If so, LINK please!!
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    If there are no Reapers ...

    I couldn't help but notice he hasn't been snarky with Sora or Riku, yet in TWEWY Neku wanted to throttle him most of the time they were together. Until...Er...The other stuff happens.
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    Possible bosses in DDD

    Fitting. At a younger age, I actually thought he was THE Devil.
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    Possible bosses in DDD

    Huh. Wonder just how many bosses they get per world. I'm thinking Riku might try to hold off Monstro to let Pinocchio and Gepetto escape, that parasite dream eater from the trailer seemed to me like the tip of the iceberg. Does anybody think Sora fights Xemnas at Prankster's Paradise? I...
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    KH3D Site Updated: System Section!

    I didn't mean to imply it either, I was just comparing with small observations. The Blizzaga from the previous game was a small chunk like a rock, but when Riku fired it, it looked like a small missile. Just putting that out there. Didn't mean to open my big mouth.
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    Possible bosses in DDD

    Not to doubt you or anything, but uh, proof? Er, sorry but it looks like Chernabog is strictly for the Fantasia world.
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    KH3D Site Updated: System Section!

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhm.....My bad? :frown:
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    KH3D to Appear In Next Issue of Famitsu!

    I should think so, they showed both the Tron world and the SoS on that Jump scan earlier. They did that with the Pinocchio and Quasi worlds. We'll probably even get more Dream Eater reveals.
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    KH3D Site Updated: System Section!

    Meh, we'll see how his magic is in the game. His Blizzaga's powerful, bigger and stronger than any I've seen in the past, INCLUDING Aqua's. Also, apparently Riku's gonna handle things similar to how Aqua did. :p According to his character synopsis on the main site, Riku's the "the reliable guy...
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    New V-Jump Scan: Fantasia and Tron: Legacy Featured!

    Nope. Noticed that too. People keep mentioning Chernabog. I think that's a good idea, another way to make use of the 'flight' ability in the Dream World. The only thing is, how is Chernabog going to be fought in Yen Sid's tower...? I think it's a situation where Riku's sucked into the...
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    KH3D Site Updated: System Section!

    Possible demo/actual gameplay differences...? I noticed Sora and Riku have moves like Sleep, Blizzard, Cure, Quick Blitz and Sliding Dash. That's a good sign, meaning those moves like Ice Breaker and Rainbow Wind were the demo moveset and weren't gonna be the moves they were restricted to...
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    Any theories on KH:BBS Volume 2?

    When Nomura said future developments he might mean KH3D...? You'll notice that young Master Xehanort turns around slowly, but they still didn't reveal his face, ergo they were saving it for KH3D. I always thought the whole 'BBSV2' trailer was to signify that the Xehanort saga has affected many...
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    Any theories on KH:BBS Volume 2?

    It could have just been a foreshadowing of KH1. Nomura said in an interview new players aren't gonna be entirely spoiled of the plot in KHBBS, so showing CoD in the RoD shows Maleficent's started capturing Princesses and if they wanted to find out more they'd have play KH1. And an army of...
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    [SPOILERS] Lea's Tattoos

    Exactly, thank you very much.