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    Does anyone here like the game .hack? It's a great game. It's like KH#1:thumbsup:, .hack#2:thumbup:.
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    HI Everybody

    Hello, my names Buddy. So um.... this is about Christmas( even though it was along time ago). What did everybody get? how was it? Mine was great. I got a PS3, and clothes thats all. Has anyone heard of .hack//G.U?Its a really great game (Besides Kingdom Hearts #1 KH #2 .hack//G.U:thumbsup:
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    bbs i get it.....

    I don't really know. You not alone bud.
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    Did anyone else hate the Pride Lands?

    I think it was boring too. I only liked the boss
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    what the hell is wrong with japan

    Thay aren't gay. Though it seemed like it because it looks like when Sora helps Riku it looks like he is touching his but. But aren't gay.
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    Why Khfm+ in europe and america

    I wish it would thouh. Id really like to fight all the orginization members and Terra plus id like to play Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of Memories and thats the only reason I want it to come here. but i know its most likely not because they are busy doing other things to stop and remake the game...