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    Are there any Rammstein fans here?

    A question to members about one of the most globally popular bands in the world.
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    Help/Support ► Dealing with social constructs

    Everyday of the 5 consecutive days I go to school there are dozens and dozens of people who love to annoy me, mock me, and birate me because I don't believe in a god, gods, or any sprituality. How am I suppesed to deal with these intolerant people?
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    The Mysterious Hope

    Story: "Life is a growing field in the bright days of the sun and land's days brighten and become new, but our days have no change", these words are the only thing the people in the lands of Shrikohl, known as Shriks, can say with contingency. The Shriks small kingdom that was...
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    The Alchemist

    No, this does not deal with Fullmetal Alchemist, but it is still good and my question is has anybody read the book before?
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    Blank Fire

    In year 2036 a horrible disease spreads across the world that tortures the mind and soul until it thinks of nothing and feels nothing, but destruction. The victims of this disease have made senseless attacks on the innocent people of the planet, and have spreaded this disease as a bio-weapon...
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    X-Men: Dawn of Heroes

    X-Men Mutation. The result of a natural change in the genetic material-- the DNA-- of the human cell. Mutation was beyond Darwin's knowledge when he formulated his theories of evolution. But it is a common occurance-- an everyday phenomeon-- one that is generally unnoticed and largely...
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    Recruiting for deities' war.

    This is a recruiting thread for deities' war, and we really need more people to join because we may have actually dropped down some to 3 or 4 people. I'll bring a link to the thread real quickly. It's ok to join now we'll put it as if all we did before on the rp was just a prologue. Here's the...
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    Demon Days (album)

    I got Gorillaz' new album Demon Days. I expected more from it, but it was still good, I give it a 3/ 5 to a 4/5, I'm stuck between two numbers. So, anyone who has the album tell me what you rate it as, even if you don't have it your welcome to put your rate in here too.
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    Billboard top 10 video games.

    The top ten video games as of now, people. 1. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (PS2) 2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Xbox) 3. Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition (PS2) 4. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (Xbox) 5. Medal of Honor: European Assault (PS2) 6. Midnight Club 3: DUB...
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    The deities' war

    Story: In the world of Arkane a devastating war erupts that spills the blood of all beings across the beautiful world. The beginning of this war started with a devious plan in Shakima, in the heart of Arkane. The god Dakim, the god of death and pain, and lord of Shakima, since the beginning of...
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    Medal of Honor: European Assault

    If you have played this WWII game then tell me your favorite: Weapon: Front: ( St.Nazaire, North Africa, Russia, or Battle of the Bulge) Mission: Strategy: For Multiplayer: Side: (Allies or Axis) Skin: Class: Mode: (I mean like favorite thing to play) Something tells me this won't last...
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    Have any of you seen this movie before? If so tell me your favorite scene, if you have not seen this movie, tell me your views on it by information you have recieved.
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    KH2...and LOTR?!

    Yeah, I always have thought about that. Like Sora is Aragorn, Donald is Gimli, and Goofy is Legolas. Yeah, but I dumped the idea when the only thing that Goofy, and Legolas resembled in was how tall they were.
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    So are they in there or not?

    They also could be talking about the production of making KingdomHearts worlds turn to morning, evening, and night. Yes, they confirmed that, but they also said that wouldn't be for all of the worlds, you know like Twilight Town.
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    Confirmed Worlds

    You do realize all those you put down is on that link. Well, besides Lilo & Stitch. Anyways, back on topic.
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    Confirmed Worlds

    Well here is another list of confirmed and not yet confirmed worlds on Sora's Domain. "Worlds" Now just scroll down to worlds, ok.
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    Try to translate my sig.

    Yes, I give you the challenge to try to translate my sig!!! Mwahahaha! *hic* Mwah- *hic*
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    Kingdom Hearts: Rise of Darkness

    Story: Years have passed since the hero, 15 year old, Sora, closed the doors to all the worlds, including the Door to Darkness. He has become an evil man of great power corrupted by his deeds of murder that he inflicted upon Riku, and Kairi. He has steeped into the darkest depths of darkness...
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    Level before leaving Destiny Islands.

    I left at level 18, but I only play 2-3 hours of games each day, and that is why it took me 8 months to complete Kingdom Hearts.
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    Light? Dark? Or Twilight?

    Light. Besides people who live in twilight are trying to reach the light, or darkness.