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    omg! The secret ending finally makes sense!

    true it could be a cut scene but mostlikely it isn't in the game but is refered to and i really douth that cut scene has to do with the creation of the keyblade but it reminds me of how sora adventure is he goes on one path the villlan goes on a second path riku goes on third path and mickey...
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    omg! The secret ending finally makes sense!

    wait if it is in the past then no sora??or sora copuld be a reincarnation of something or he could be like an all powerfull being who live millions of years but he then lost his memories and stuck in a 14 year old body.
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    KH2 Dialogue

    true they could have come up with something more creative.
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    KH2 Dialogue

    i don't think it is bad because it reflects there personality sora is childish,donald is loud mouth that does know when not to shut up and goofy got the mind of a young one. i know, but its just a crappy scene! i mean, its a big fight with sephiroth! they could've atleast given it better...
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    Soime kh3 ideas i have.

    here are some of my kh3 ideas that would be cool: 1.World abilities like how sora could only fly in Neverland well they could be abilities sora could get by entering a certain world. 2.sora on the dark side for once.Maybe sora could go on the darkside for once or maybe roxas could go on the...
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    the worlds you would like to see

    what worlds would you like from kh2 and kh to see in kh3 and with what story lines?
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    Roxas the duel wielder

    those keyblades are real i think only one is fake and the other is sora's he got the second when he got sora's memories.I know this because axel was suprised he had two meaning that he didn't always have both.maybe he created one from his last first memory which was the event right before he was...
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    What i think.

    I think the "Secret" ending in kh2 is a cut scene explaining something like the "secret" ending in kh.(Can someone move this to the spoiler board please i accidentally posted it here.)
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    organization members and their nobodies

    but when she said that she meant if a heartless or nobodies regain there true form or something like that. i think nobodies are created depending on how much strenght the bodies have remmebr yen sid said the org are stronger nobodies who control the weaker ones.You do the math.the org are just...
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    micky help me kill xaldin 0-o

    yo you'er very late like one year late(even thought it gas beed couple of months). he only appears if you take down the first bar and if you'er not on the last bar.
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    Riku's dark powers in kh3

    In kh2 he lost his dark powers because his heart no longer belonged to the darkness.Do you think in kh3 he would get them back and once again use darkness for good??
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    What was your reaction when you first got final form?

    HOW THE ******** DID I GET THAT????i'm gonna kick Xigbar's *** well that was my reaction (i was fighting xigbar at the time.)
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    a rumour

    i am hearing a rumour that i can play riku's story in kh2 Is this true??
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 Ending Discussion Thread ***Major Spoilers*** technically roxas has a heart because he is connected to sora so sora's heart is his heart(this is what i believe).
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    what were the two wepons you chose?

    i chose defence for both because i'm a defensive person in football(english) i play defence.