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    keyblade war connected with heartless

    I havent been on here for awhile so sorry if this has been said before No one really knows what happened to the keyblade wielders from that end movie thing right? well i was thinking that what if they were all fighting over who was the most powerful keyblade wielder, an all that jealousy an...
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    different spin on keyblade theory

    alright ppl have been debatin about key blades with an w/o keychains i started thinkin well what if the keychains r jus accesories to the keyblades an the only reason that soras keyblade changes form when he attaches a different keychain is because the ppl that gave them to him did it with love...
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    sora and riku in bbs

    i think that they will be in there cuz i think i saw them in the top left corner of this picture. http://www.khinsider.com/images/Cloud/page1.jpg How big a role do u guys think they'll play in bbs if thats really them. or is that a pic from kh2 fm+ idk waht u guys think??
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    Could riku possibly be a descendent of MX. If Ds really ios apart of Mx i would make sense cuz DS armor looks like Rikus kinda. jus a thought. Opinions plz.
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    bbs and roxas

    i dont know if this has been talked about before but here it goes. in kh2 in the white room of the mansion in TT, if u look at all the drawings that namine's drawn there is one with Roxas. Idk if it true or not but doesn't it kinda look like roxas is walking up the same stairs that are shown in...
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    MX in KH2??

    i started playin KH2 today for no reason other than boredom an i thought i saw somethin. on the fifth day jus as its about to end, the computer said 97% restoration an then the memories began to flood in. well IDK if i saw it correctly or not cuz it was like a split second but i thought i saw MX...
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    heartless in bbs

    see i agree that X discovered the heartless! helped them to spread! but creation that im still not to sure
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    heartless in bbs

    ill believe what i believe an u guys keep believeing what u believe! everyone can interpret certain imformation differntly. an if u guys think my thoeries ar blasphemous towards kh ok w/e dont read them problem solved!!
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    heartless in bbs

    it never says he created them it says creatures born of darkness they are the darkness in ppls heart! he said he put those with out hearts down there so yah
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    heartless in bbs

    Creatures that seemed born of Darkness. u jus proved my point reread those ansem reports
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    heartless in bbs

    he didnt find one he found creatures plural. the reason there pureblood is because he didnt make those (shadows, neoshadows, darkballs an a few others) then there are the emblems. those are the ones the X made and mass produced
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    heartless in bbs

    he still thinks that X created all the heartless when he did not thats y i said it an yes i understand that there isnt any HL in BBS i was jus provin another point woow!!! i never thought of that u knowe i think u have something there!!
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    Atlantica in BBS?

    lets jus hope he is cuz sora is portryaed as a badass in the pics an in the game he aint that badass
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    infiltrating the orginization XIII

    if there are only XIII (well XIV now) then how did riku and mickey get the org. coats
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    Atlantica in BBS?

    i highly doubt it cuz triton is wise so he has to know about things like that!!! an besides if u notice thta alot of ppl say that same thing in both games
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    UrbanQuattrusgot me thinkin!!! he said light cant make enemies cuz like think about it y would evil be made of light!!! i think that maybe they can be made out of light but not pure light but what if MOON light. Kingdom hearts moon light to be exact. what if kingdom hearts has its on monster...
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    Atlantica in BBS?

    are u askin if atlantica will be in bbs
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    tell me if it was disscused already!!

    but u know how ppl think that the crossroads from CoM an FM+ r realated. what if thye are the same paths but ten years apart!!! cuz during the war the land would be dead an after foliage grew an stuff!!! jus a theory but it occured to me
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    heartless in bbs

    im assuming u dont understand the difference between pureblood an emblem do u
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    heartless in bbs

    omg i got it the first time jeez. i understand that there are no heartless in bbs now. im sayin that the heartless always existed cuz the is an always will be darkness in ppls hearts. heartless come from ppls hearts so logically there always were heartless. they werent released until x released...