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    why if sora is the chose one does riku mickey and countless other people judging from the secret ending of kh2 have keyblades?
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    KH2 secret video *SPOILERS*

    in the line where it says "birth by sleep" what could roxas have anything to do with this since sora slept for a year?
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    thanks i was scared something went wrong
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    At the end of the game where it says The End and it shows the battle report when i press any and all of the buttons it doesnt do anything. Do u know if this is a glitch or if you are just supposed to restart ur PS2. Is it supposed to go back to the main screen or something?
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    Final Boss

    absorb the lasers using the O button and charge the gauge till u can use megalaser with triangle button. make sure u have a good shot with it.
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    Secret Ending

    to anyone who has seen the kingdom hearts 2 secret ending what do u think about it?