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    Greatest disappointment in KH2?

    Port Royal, It was just so damn boring!
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix + Questions

    So I'm really starting to consider importing KH2FM+ and I was wondering a few things. Don't you have to mod your PS2 (I have slim) in order for it to play, and you need some sort of magical CD? Doesn't the game have English something? Not sure if it's dialog or menus or what. Just wondering...
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    Keyblade Wars theory

    It would really be neat if they foreshadowed the keyblade wars somewhere in one of the games. Shows that they had this concept for awhile now.
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    How do you get the secret ending...

    Is Proud mode REALLY hard? How many times easier then Beginner mode and standard mode?
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    How Far In the Game Are You?

    WOAH!!!! That means that you have played the game almost nonstop and only like....12 hours of sleep since you got KH2. You might want to take a break. I just beat the game like 30 minutes ago. And now im gonna do Proud Mode. To the people out there, Is proud mode really hard???
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    KH2 cover

    hold on a sec! I thought the game was officially rated T, or altleast that is what khinsider said. But on the box it says E10....?
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    Dual wielding?

    That is a good idea
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    how long have you been waiting 4 KH2?

    God i feel bad......... You've guys all have had to wait a long time..........I've onlybenn waiting for 1 year and 3 months......but its felt like foooorever
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    What Games Will Be Keeping You Busy Until KH2 Comes Out?

    I beat KH1 and KH:CoM again. Im probably gonna play Animal Crossing: WIld World, and what ever else i feel like playing
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    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    Alot of stores say that they get it on the 31st.....but it should get there on the 28th....ummm.....yea