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    The" i beat KH1" thread

    Re: The" i beated KH1" thread 1.Did you get the ultima weapon,save the king and save the queen?(all) Yes i got all the weapons in the game including Dream Shield And Rod 2.What's your max level? 100 3.Did you retrieve all the 99 dalmatians? Yep 4.Did you finish Phil cup to platinum/gold cup...
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    Kh2fm Us????

    Is KH2FM going to be realeased in the us or not im so excited about it and want to play it so bad and if ayone knows anything tell me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    is it just me or does the unmasked knight look a whle lot like sora!!!!!!!!
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Unmasked ok so is it just me or does that screen of the unmasked knight look a whole lot like sora? and one more question is Kh2 FM comming out in US?
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    well i find that replaying kh and kh2 just regular even on proud is kind of boring..... so i decided to replay the first one on proud with only basic weapons. so i was wondering what variations you have played it on then after i finish kh1 ill.. just and on from there like basic weapons and no...
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    Steam boat willie, construction site
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    Official Ultima Weapon Guide

    if anyone is having a problem with monster drops just use Sweet Memories and Lucky Lucky on everyone
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    Final Mix Org. XIII Discussion

    its not had to tell who it is just look at the weapon he uses its obviously him
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    Secret Bosses

    Are there any secret bosses in kingdom hearts 2? if so tell me what world and what room
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    about anti-form

    the first time i transformed into Antiform was Steaboat Willie
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    ok so i have all but 2 key blades feriner and ultima HOW DO I KILL sephey i mean he was hard before but now it seems the creator is just toying with us i mean come one what the heck i just cant find a way to beat him Stats- Lv 51 HP- 120 Mp-140 keyblade- pumpkin
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    What Level are you on?

    52 done
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    The "How far are you in KHII" thread.

    im done finished it in 36 hours i basicly only got up to eat and go to the bathroom. i got it on the 28th
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    KH2 Keyblades

    kingdom key gotta love the Classics
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Is Here !!!!!!!!!!!

    im not going to be able to buy mine today but ill be able to RENT it today and im on spring break so im playing all day everyday!!!! :)
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    Skip School for Kingdom Hearts 2?!

    im on spring break so i have 7 whole days to play non-stop!!!!!!!!! :) i cant wait for KH2 i got KH1 the first day it came out and i have literaly been waiting for 4 years so i can feel everyones pain that cant wait.
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    New Keyblade Master

    ok i see well it was just an idea i had while replaying COM so thanks for not spoiling
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    New Keyblade Master

    ok maby i didnt make my self that clear but what i ment was Roxas being from the same town as Naminie couldent she have made like 2 sticks into keyblades and rearangend his memoires just like she changed Soras Charm he got from Kairi in COM? sorry if anyone was confused
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    New Keyblade Master

    ok so i know everyone is refering to Roax as a new keyblade master but i just dont think its True. Naminie lives in twilight town with Roax and all im saying is that she could have easily changed his memories to think he protected sora and is a keyblade master just a thought tell me what you...