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  1. J

    Da jump fanclub

    hey, everyone else is making one so i thought, ya know, why not? membas: AngelofFate Royale Frozen Fate twlight knight16 qwe iloveyou502 Samantha16 Angel's Prayer jump (numba 1 fan) Caboose twilightsniper Sephy-kun Gullwing Yunie keybladeofsteel Hikari713
  2. J

    KH survivor

    i don't know why i'm doing this but it was the right choice if i do say so myself
  3. J


    what you want to do is all up to you, it doesn't even have to be possible. question: if you had three weeks until you were to become blind, what would you do in the remaining time until that day?
  4. J

    Shaman King fanclub

    open to anyone that has seen the show and well...is a fan of it. talk about anything shaman king related or what ever. first person to join will take care of everything because i cant be here every day, and remember follow the forum rules. status/how many individuals can be in that place...
  5. J

    grammer fun yipee!!!

    everybody has to talk in double negatives, as they are talking to each other. so, what havn't you not been doing?
  6. J

    how do you beat sephiroth?

    how do you beat sephiroth and find orichalum+?
  7. J

    Help/Support ► My Fear of Spiders.

    ...ok...spiders...lets see...uh, you can try to throw it out like how everyone says or you can step on it, or kill any other way. it's a spider, they were meant to just eat and die one day, why not save them the trouble and kill it then. besides spiders are...wait i meant to say everything is...
  8. J

    Sora in Twilight Town

    they didnt know him but felt they knew him.
  9. J

    jump fanclub

    heya! it didnt work the first time and i dont know if it will now. i made it because...i dont know. open to anyone. -whispers to self "if there 'will' be anyone"-
  10. J

    being king

    the first person to post here shall be king unless someone else overthrows him/her then that person shall be king. edit: not including me
  11. J

    who likes cheese

    alone no but with things like pizza is good
  12. J

    Favorite Summon?

    Tinkerbell...mostly what final arcana said
  13. J

    *#The Time Clan#*

    If you desire to travel back in time, undo what others have done right, lost a fight against someone and want to redo it... see how the universe really was created, and how it shall end...join the time clan.
  14. J

    My.....Our Gang..open to whoever wants to join..

    All you need is a picture and name...
  15. J

    vote needed to solve problem...

    Should this be Master of Oblivion or Kaptain Kool. the two competitors can not vote.
  16. J

    The Jump fanclub!

    im guessing no one will post here.
  17. J

    what is..............

    What is your favorite cereal? i have alot. lucky charms cocoa puffs corn pops honey comb and frosty flakes
  18. J

    Who's hair is better?

    Sora in kh2 hair is better than in kh, so is everyone elses. KH2 is the best!!!!!!
  19. J

    Are you against mistreating other members?

    I know i am. i am sick and tired of the people making fun of others or dissing them(same), even as a joke. its not funny.
  20. J

    i got tired of doing this one by one

    Happy Birthday!! whoever you are whose birthday is today.(you all know what i mean)