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    Anyone else buy a GBA just for CoM?

    I bought a DS for COM. 'Twas worth it, too.
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    Roxas Seven Days Novel

    a) Are there other KH novels? b) Before, there haven't been KH novel releases. However, as you may have noticed, publishers have started releasing all sorts of manga/video game-related novels, including the Fullmetal Alchemist novels, the Blood: The Last Vampire novel, some Ghost in the Shell...
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    Roxas Seven Days Novel

    You guys do realize that the KH2 manga is basically guaranteed to come out in America, right? And that the novel(s) is(are) likely to follow? Within a year, I'm sure the manga will be here...the novel, shortly thereafter.
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    KH:COM manga is out!

    Ech...Get over it. This one is obviously aimed at small children; if there's a KH2 manga it will aim for an older audience...
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    KH:COM manga is out!

    Seems Aku-Tenshi is scanlating it. The first chapter is already out. The art leaves a little to be desired but it's faithful...
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    Sora vs. Sephiroth with sound

    Link's dead, at least for me.
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    Anyone out there that has a working swapmagic disk?

    I've got it working with HDLoader v.7c and I know people who have it working with multiple SwapMagics.
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    Spoilers- DiZ doesn't match up

    I believe his skin is also lighter when unmasked. He looked exactly like Ansem before the unmasking.
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    Poll: How many of you have resisted the spoilers???

    Of the stuff posted here I've watched only the intro and the Knights thing. I'm playing through the game now so I'm avoiding spoilers. Speaking of which, would you please lose the image from your sig? Just seeing those two people together in CG is enough to screw up part of the ending for me.
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    I think I've figured out the remainder of the Organization

    Has it been confirmed that EM isn't one of the ones we've met so far? I'd guess he's either Xemnas or Xigbal.
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    Roxas may be in the organization!

    What information? He isn't basing it off of any information besides a well known name.
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    Roxas may be in the organization!

    Why should he? It's his theory; he didn't use any spoilers to create it.
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    I think I've figured out the remainder of the Organization

    I think this deserves a bump now, given recent information.
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    Roxas may be in the organization!

    In that case, let it be known that I called both of those (although I was slightly off with I...it's a different host than I had assumed): http://forums.khinsider.com/showthread.php?t=36283 I can't wait until this game comes out in the US. Playing it in Japanese gets irritating...I hate not...
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    Roxas may be in the organization!

    Yup. This has been said before. To be precise; I posted a theory including that and stating that Roxas is number XIII yesterday...but no matter. Topics are buried fast around here.
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    Is there a way to extract videos from an iso?

    I've got the Iso disk image of KH2 loaded on my computer. Is there a way to extract videos from it? If so, I can have every video from the game uploaded pretty quickly, ending included. I know you can do it with PS1 Isos but I've never tried it with a PS2 one before.
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    Spoilers!!! #13 Confirmed

    I called this. http://forums.khinsider.com/showthread.php?t=36283
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    I think I've figured out the remainder of the Organization

    I don't recall the trailer being fake. I know it was a rumor, but it was never disproven. It's a small part of my theory anyways. The voices make no difference. Squenix could use different voice actors just to throw us off. Furthermore, who says Enigmatic Man has to be the Superior? I don't...
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    I think I've figured out the remainder of the Organization

    Another reason Roxas is a member of the Organization: Square Enix worked pretty hard for multiple years to keep his name a secret. They had to have had a reason for doing that. This is the reason.
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    I think I've figured out the remainder of the Organization

    I'm not saying Riku himself runs the Organization, I'm saying he inherited the title by virtue of being Ansem's host, Ansem being the previous number 1. Remember, the Superior is above the Organization. Thus, Ansem wouldn't have to have an X in his name; he's above the Organization.