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    KHII opening download

    anyone know where I can find it cuz I'm working on an AVM on it. I tried looking on filefront but the video couldn't play. :mellow:
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    Favorite minor character?

    I like teh moogles. :D (25 characters)
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    Kingdom Key or the Star Seeker

    No it isnt. They have the same stats. Kingdom key has Defender and Star Seeker has Air Combo Plus. :rolleyes: BTW, I pick Kingdom Key. :D
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    Black hoods

    They took sewing class and made it. lol =]
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    KH2 Jobs

    dress up as a moogle and attack people. XD
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    the worst kh2 player

    I only got saved by Mickey when I was fighting Cerberus in the Underworld and I died on purpose. ^.^
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    please help me tell me

    last one is from the moogles
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    My Twilight Town Mini Games Records

    show off XD
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    Nobody's purpose

    nobodies obey Org. XIII because they are the leaders of them I think. or probably they are the same. uuhhh i dunno.
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    kh:com gba cover

    i think. not sure
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    This has bugged me

    It's strange. In TWTNW, after
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    Where did you get Final Form?

    I first used it when I was fighting Xemnas. I was mad cuz I didn't get to save :( But I got it again :)
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    drive levels

    Valor=each hit 1 exp wisdom=1 exp for each heartless defeated master= 1 exp for each small drive ball, 3exp for larger final= 1 exp for each nobody defeated max lv=7 for all drives
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    When did you first get...

    To play as king mickey:NEVER Anti-form:Olympus Colliseum I think.
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    Did anyone feel bad for Roxas? (beginning spoilers)

    I felt sad when I thought
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    Organization Names

    I posted this in the organization discussion sticky
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    You have to have at least 3 drive bar gauges to use summon.
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    Forms and Keyblades

    regular-Oblivion valor-guardian soul master-the one that looks like a dinosaur skeleton final-sleeping lion
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    i found it every1...

    saw it.does it have the secret ending?
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    Scale of 1 to 10 in Organization fights

    Xemnas: 7/10 (fun in black/white clothes) Xigbar: 5/10 ( err! ) Xaldin 8/10 (good I used that beauty and the beast keyblade) Saix: 4/10 Axel: 1/10 ( easy) Luxord: 7/10 Demyx: 2/10