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    *Spoiler*Here is the anwser to KH2 secret ending confusion!

    How is that a good theory when they have nothing to back it up...? All they did was take the stuff that was shown in the trailer and made a half-ass theory/fanfic.
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    *Spoiler*Here is the anwser to KH2 secret ending confusion!

    Im sorry thats the dumbest shizznt I ever heard. Maybe good for a fanfic, as far theories go the nothing to back it up.
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    Proud Mode is Impossible!!!

    The battle with Xaldin is super easy is you use reflect. Im not a hardcore player I got school and a job...proud mode was just easy..simple
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    The Unofficial "I Dislike Something in KH2" Thread

    I hate Sanctuary on sooo many levels, i hate how easy the game is even on proud mode, I hate how they remixed the Hollow Bastion theme music... I hate how you spend all that time in the colliusm and gain no experience!!!Aghhh. I hate the Winne the Pooh world and the Alantatic world...soooo...
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    Proud Mode is Impossible!!!

    All to easy I died on proud mode once,beat sephiroth it wasn't all that had to me
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    Can anyone see a pattern?

    Im beat sephiroth at leave 70 on proud mode. He was easy to me.
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    What was that big surprise nomura was talking about in KH2 NA version?

    Im sorry the game was to easy for me.
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    Question about Twilight Town....

    There was no point in battleing any of those three. MOre of my time wasted
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    What was that big surprise nomura was talking about in KH2 NA version?

    the surprise is how easy the game was even on proud mode.
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    two keyblades at one without drive

    For real or is this sum ol' bull.
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    Kingdom Hearts II Good or bad?

    Kingdom Hearts 2 was a big let down. I guess I put to much into. I dont know maybe it was ok...??
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    If you haven't died at least once then you havent truley played kh2

    Ima get flamed for this; but all the boss battles have been super easy even on proud mode. I may have died once on proud mode but thats only because I forgot to use cure.
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    KH2 cosplay

    I know ansemreport.com used to have link to this site with the unknown jackets. But I want to know were to find some real keyblades
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    KH2 Limited Edition Question

    I was asked and the le comes with artwork, and the us soundtrack plus like a cool le cover
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    I just realized about roxas

    What no!! Were did you get that idea from some hole in the ground?? Roxas looks nothing like those three. He dosnt even look like Sora.
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    English "Passion"

    WHat bout the Passion (plant t mix) I heard it on UH offical site is it offical or what?
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    Pre-Orering KH2 from Gamestop

    When I pre-ordered mine they asked if I wanted the limited editon guide and kh2 Soundtrack
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    bHKs name might infact be roxas

    If there is any god BHK will not have that lame ass name. Sora, Riku, Kairi, Roxas... no no no
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    Who do you think is the best character in Kingdomhearts 2?

    Tell me how are you gonna have a fav character in KH2 when the game hasnt come out yet this thread is stupid.
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    Sora a duel weilder!O.0;;

    What bs is that you dont know that there is a Kh squeal. Need to get shot if you didnt know that. O yeah S King its not brave mode it offical called "Valor" (sp)