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  1. digimikej

    Dark Road ► Xehanort's changed fate before

    I'm so glad someone else came to the same conclusion. I don't know what else Terranort could mean by the "forbidden path" in the ReMind trailer. I'm interested to see how much of that they'll show/explain though. The more we learn about about ReMind the more I want the Xehanort game we're...
  2. digimikej

    Black Coaty/Master of Master's Intentions

    I'm 100% in the Masters of Masters is evil camp, personally. We've been told the keyblade was made with bad intentions, or something akin to that, and his nonchalance could easily be a guess for the other side of him we saw in the trailer, the super serious one. However, that little joke about...
  3. digimikej

    story so far? differences between X and Unchained X?

    So, I don't play X or Unchained X, but I'm very interested in the story. can anyone tell me what the story is so far, and what the differences are between the games,other than gameplay, if any? (also, is there a thread that keeps track of major story updates? if so, I'd like to be directed there...
  4. digimikej

    Roxas VS Sora battle quote

    to me, that very hatred of the keyblade is why he wanted to know. he wanted o know why the keyblade chose sora, because if it never had, all those horrid things wouldn't have ever happened to roxas (he also would've never existed, but I don't see him thinking that far ahead.) the reason he...
  5. digimikej

    News ► A Look Back: Director's Secret Report XIII

    Re: A Look Back: Director's Secret Report XIII after rereading the part about Xemnas being a "special Nobody" like Roxas and Namine, I realized something: shouldn't their be a second Nobody created then, too? Sora created both Namine (who went back to Kairi because...reasons?) and Roxas...
  6. digimikej

    Is this how the timeline goes after BBS?

    yes and no. she got to Destiny Islands because of the spell. she was in need of the spell to activate because AX/ Ansem SoD (I can't recall which he was at the time) decided it would be fun to throw her into space.
  7. digimikej

    Is this how the timeline goes after BBS?

    so the amnesiac changed his hairstyle to one of the hairstyles he thinks he might have had. this is not proof that he morphed in any sort of way. i'm not saying its impossible, but what your suggesting isn't backed up by what your saying.
  8. digimikej

    Is this how the timeline goes after BBS?

    I don't really remember the order of events myself, but I can tell you one thing: there was no "morphing" of one person into another. Apprentice Xehanort is just Terranort in a Lab Coat.
  9. digimikej

    In BBS what did you think of this cutscene?

    Like when Braig plays with his Red Ryder Air Rifle- err, fights Terra. that was quite a bit more graphic than I expected. although tbh I didn't notice it my first playthrough, because they did a good job of making the blood look exactly like the Darkness attack, so I thought it was residual...
  10. digimikej

    Nitpicks and the little things

    but...I actually LIKE the fact that they do that. I'm looking forward to another Sora, Donald, and Goofy montage for 3.
  11. digimikej

    Who had the best battle stance?

    Re: who had the best battle stance I like Riku's stance, specifically because it isn't practical in any way shape or form. he literally is using one hand in a "come on" gesture, and I find that hilarious.
  12. digimikej

    I have some random questions after playing though BBSFM after 4 years! (Spoilers!)

    wait a second, I just realized something. didn't mickey get the star shard (or whatever he called the thing that was just a gummi block) very, very recently, when you meet him in BBS? I think something DID go down. the star shard was a gummi block, a piece of the barriers between worlds. the...
  13. digimikej

    MX = Villain Sue?

    I don't recall that in the slightest? If you could link a quote or something to prove me wrong, I'll believe you, but i'm pretty sure it was Maleficent's darkness plus her finding a magic doorway into time, nothing involving Xehanort or the organization was even involved with the whole...
  14. digimikej

    The story?

    Can someone catch me up to speed on the main story to chi? I haven't played it at all, and the only thread like this I could find with search was months old.
  15. digimikej

    What would you want out of a KH3D:HD?

    I was actually thinking about 2.5 when I said that, because I haven't seen the re:coded scenes yet. and honestly, I hadn't even realized DDD was fully voiced. im just so used to the text based cutscenes, I guess my brain just assumed there were some, even though there wasn't. with that...
  16. digimikej

    What would you want out of a KH3D:HD?

    but not alone! I actually prefer these theater modes, for the 5 or so minutes (haha, funny, I mean seconds) of new story tidbits in each of them, plus the insight into the characters we get from everything being a fully voiced cutscene.
  17. digimikej

    anti black coat

    really? they went with dark hide? I was betting money the official name would be "red eyes black heartless" and that it would have a blue eyed white nobody.
  18. digimikej

    Why did Riku cut his hair?

    oh god, I laughed too hard at that picture. tell me, what is Hansem seeker of?
  19. digimikej

    Explaining Timeless River's supposed violations of time travel laws and parallel worlds

    it is the worlds dream. dreams don't always make sense. perhaps all of that happened, without pete, and pete gathering heartless is what sent the world into it's slumber, so the dream takes the bigger bad of the two incedents and meshes them together. idk. dreams man. they be crazy.
  20. digimikej

    Explaining Timeless River's supposed violations of time travel laws and parallel worlds

    well, Anagram, this is a shocker. a theory of yours I disagree with! While I agree with the bit about timeless river being a special world connected to disney castle, I disagree with the bit about the country of musketeers. I think it's an easier explanation that the world was dreaming of what...