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  1. Eric

    10 years of KHI

    we are ancient...
  2. Eric

    KHInsider Community Feedback Survey!

    <p>We here at Kingdom Hearts Insider are always looking for ways to improve. We greatly value the opinions of our users and strive to give you the best possible browsing experience when searching for the latest <em>KINGDOM HEARTS</em> news. Therefore, we've created a short user feedback survey...
  3. Eric

    Introducing KHInsider’s 10th anniversary forum skins!

    Hey everyone! As some of you may have noticed already, we just released a new forum skin (appropriately titled this time). This is the first of the three special skins that we’re releasing for KINGDOM HEARTS Insider’s 10 year anniversary. So what’s new with this forum skin? Well a lot of...
  4. Eric

    KHI Mailbag: EPISODE IV

    CWi3IHiZrhk Paolo: Finally here it is!
  5. Eric


    Sup guys So I've been in a huge rut lately. I've spent countless weekends trying to redesign my portfolio site but I just couldn't figure out how to do so. Frustrated, I decided to just make something (and for once that wasn't a bad idea). Here's what came out of my frustration. *****WARNING...
  6. Eric

    Help/Support ► Anybody good at using HTML?

    If you want to change your sidebar completely then you'll either have to get a new theme or get a web designer to create a custom sidebar for you. As far as adding additional content to I think that's something on your end.
  7. Eric

    Behind the Scenes: Telekinize the Rainbow

    How to Move Skittles with Your Mind Over the Internet I could see myself doing this all day
  8. Eric

    Roleplaying Competition! (Amazon vouchers up for grabs)

    <p>Ever wanted to try your hand at creative collaboration? Struggle with friends and enemies in worlds new and familiar? Just been plain old curious about roleplaying but never had the incentive to really try it out? Now's the perfect time for you!</p> <p>A generous member of KHI's roleplaying...
  9. Eric

    Help/Support ► Email notifications

    Have you had the option on ever since you joined the site?
  10. Eric

    Presenting the "all new" KINGDOM HEARTS Insider

    <p class="p1"><span class="s1">Hello everyone! After many months of planning, hard work, and tears, I’m glad to introduce the new and improved KINGDOM HEARTS Insider. This is significant change from our old layout and with it comes some new exciting features. Here’s what you can expect from the...
  11. Eric

    Help/Support ► Internet Explorer 9

    As a web designer, IE sucks.
  12. Eric

    think i'm on to something

    accidentally made an awesome background pattern and decided to roll with it
  13. Eric


    I already hate it and am in the process of making another one.
  14. Eric


  15. Eric

    forgot i used to be good at this

    so, got some feedback from my last piece saying there wasn't enough 'pop' this time i went all out, sort of
  16. Eric

    forgot about this one

    made this for that one collab sotw but sean never got around to finishing it >:
  17. Eric

    you decide

    which one is going in sotw guys
  18. Eric

    made something

    now i don't like it
  19. Eric

    Flame On! Tutorial

    So I'm building this web/graphic designer resource site for one of my classes and I decided to make an in depth tutorial for that one photomanip I did where I turned half my face on fire. Figured you guys might want to try it. All the resources are included on the page (except for my sexy...
  20. Eric

    Help/Support ► I think I've lost myself

    It's crazy, I feel like I'm in a somewhat similar situation as you. We pretty much are just alike in that we were both reserved kids from a Christian background. My mom was the biggest Christian influence in my life. She raised me and my siblings to be God-Fearing individuals. But after I...