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    Real Time with Bill Maher

    Great show or greatest show?
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    hello darkness my old friend,

    i've come to talk with you again.
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    trippin' balls,

    i was.
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    First in over a year.

    yeah, this is my first tag in over a year.
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    Help/Support ► Let's talk about sex, baby; let's talk about you and me

    Re: [ MATURE ] The Sex Thread [ MATURE ] Honestly, if you wash your fucking ass in the shower... I'm told by women it doesn't taste like shit.
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    Help/Support ► Let's talk about sex, baby; let's talk about you and me

    Re: [ MATURE ] The Sex Thread [ MATURE ] rimjobs are nice don't hate
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    Help/Support ► When masturbation's lost its fun. . .

    well what do you look like? you're not going to get pussy if you're ugly.
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    ImageShack - Hosting :: picture6is4.png oh hi there
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    Anyone do any sort of drugs? Smoked weed this morning on my way to Perkins with some friends and got super chopped. This thread is not for bashing people who do drugs. Any bashing in this thread will get you negative rep.
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    Help/Support ► F***ING KH HATERS

    Allow me to reiterate. you are all faggots. grow up kthxbai
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    Help/Support ► F***ING KH HATERS

    hey faggots grow up
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    Help/Support ► THIS IZ TUFF..bob saget.

    Talk to your friend about it. And if he doesn't like it, who gives a shit?
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    Just like Hollywood, but Laced in Sick

    Laced in Sick by ~inv3nt on deviantART
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    Pyramid Head is a badass.

    Pyramid Head by ~inv3nt on deviantART comments on dA too please. ;)
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    Help/Support ► SAT tips and tricks

    It's like that for every test you're ever going to take.
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    makes somes jokes! what happens to a jew with a boner runs into a wall? he breaks his nose.
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    a niggers birthday

    TOASTY TURNS 14 TODAY what a nigger
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    Don't know what I was doing with this one.

    Faceless by ~inv3nt on deviantART