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  1. Tails_Night

    I'm back baby

    So I'm back... from outer space. I just dream dropped in here to see the looks upon your face. I should have sealed up that keyhole. I shoulda made you leave your key...blade. But now you see I've returned to be with thee... anyway, hey guys tails is back... again, again, again... again. It's...
  2. Tails_Night

    What does this AR card do?

    Thank god I got the Meowjesty on my first try then XD
  3. Tails_Night

    AR card help...

    At least you have the cards >.> I preordered mine from the square store and I don't even have the viewer AR card. Now thats serious AR card help I'm in need of XD
  4. Tails_Night

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Community Feedback

    Did anyone else get no AR cards when theirs came in? I just got my preorder today and to my surprise I wasn't missing just the r&r seal or the random card, i was even missing the base package viewing stand. Anyone else run into this?
  5. Tails_Night

    Is Days Really a Bad Game?

    It's great if you can handle the change of pace and switch from stremlined world to a hub-based mission style play. I do suggest it for both story and gameplay. Then come on, you get to play as your favorite Org members, even donald, mickey, and goofy?
  6. Tails_Night

    Red-Eyed Unknown

    I agree with that... I can't wait to find out I hope it's like one of those things where it's like this big monster and then you beat it and it reduces its size down and it's a reflection of someones worse side or inner darkness.
  7. Tails_Night

    Red-Eyed Unknown

    Either way i hope it's a fight not some enigma we all ponder on and when it removes the hood it's something or someone we've already seen without the hood in trailer.
  8. Tails_Night

    KH3D Event to be held March 3rd + Memoirs menu in Kingdom Hearts 3D!

    Yeah this will definitely help me turn my niece into an awesome keyblade wielder and kingdom hearts maniac XD
  9. Tails_Night

    KH3D Famitsu Scans! Radiant Garden, YMX, The Grid!

    I know I'd think the restoration committee would be like eh... wait why is the lab back up oh crap... SORA!!!! But really I hope Kingdom hearts 3 brings in a new enemy and loads of the older ones from heartless, to unversed, and nobodies. This scene just makes it appear there's going to be a...
  10. Tails_Night


    Yeah. My only real curiosity about becoming a somebody is... what power remains or augmentations, do they have from their heartless and nobodies?
  11. Tails_Night


    OKay so now my late-game question... which ones the apprentice xehanort? The lab rat?
  12. Tails_Night

    KH3D Famitsu Scans! Radiant Garden, YMX, The Grid!

    Yeah it's Even... by the way anyone else notice the previously empty capsules in the radiant garden laboratory are no longer empty in a white hall, it's black with substance, probably darkness, hearts, or both inside the tubes? Looks like the labs even active again wow... just noticed that. In...
  13. Tails_Night

    Photos of 10th Anniversary 3D+Days+Re:coded Box!

    Looks awesome but seeing as I already have a 3ds cover stuck on my system I couldn't represent KH, then I already have mastered coded and still own days so it's really be a waste for me... especially since I'm buying this game in both japanese and english.
  14. Tails_Night


    Sounds definately new. I'd kinda lol if I saw them just unite and seeing MX's pedocreep smile.
  15. Tails_Night

    KH3D Famitsu Scans! Radiant Garden, YMX, The Grid!

    Maybe when he was turned heartless/nobody he was naked? But In seriousness I liked these scans loads, they were quite entertaining, and fangasming.
  16. Tails_Night

    Fun little idea for DDD

    I actually think masterzero's idea would be awesome... I'd have the keychain start unversed symbol at the handle, heartless symbol, nobody emblem, dream eater except in half so one side is nightmare and the other spirit, and end with the kingdom hearts cover heart.
  17. Tails_Night

    Xemnas IS Terra?

    I actually enjoy Nomura's way of hinting, and even stating fact and making it seem like a big puzzle by itself XD Or his deceptive laughter when asked some questions
  18. Tails_Night

    Red-Eyed Unknown

    Agree'd for all we know it could be a separate entity entirely. This is whats fun about other people's unbacked speculations XD
  19. Tails_Night

    Xemnas IS Terra?

    I also agree on that last statement. Like I don't care if your saving some sort of trump card if he could wield, I'm surprised he didn't in that final battle before getting obliterated. Or at least go on secret runs slaughtering heartless en masse while you have two other puppets slaughtering...
  20. Tails_Night

    Red-Eyed Unknown

    Watch it's the journals data from inside sora taking a form in the dream world.