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  1. GTX

    xion=aqua, roxas=ven

    You're really just pointing out something that mostly everyone else is seeing. This thread really isn't going anywhere or proving a point. Put more thought into this and turn it into a theory next time.
  2. GTX

    Help/Support ► Junior Year

    Freshman Year was lame. Sophomore Year was incredible. Junior Year was meh. Senior Year is already off to an awesome start. Honestly, enjoy your year. Don't stress to much and it'll all work out.
  3. GTX

    Do we know alot about Ven yet?

    W/e this topic drifted into. Look here. Scroll down. And there's everything we know about Ven.
  4. GTX

    Final Fantasy Cast of Birth by Sleep

    Regardless, Leon will return to the badass he was in FFVIII. That and actually be called Squall.
  5. GTX

    Final Fantasy Cast of Birth by Sleep

    Setzer was in KH2 and he was from FFVI. The journal also states he was a man when heartless invaided Hollow Bastion.
  6. GTX

    Final Fantasy Cast of Birth by Sleep

    I doubt Leon would be a kid. Leon's aged up in the KH series. If anything he'd be the same age as he was in FFVIII.
  7. GTX

    multiplayer is the shit#2

    RK stop posting topless men. It's tacky...
  8. GTX

    my unbirth idea.

    There is a collection of images and scans on the bbs page on the main site. It has nearly all of them. Except for a few I'll add later this week.
  9. GTX

    my unbirth idea.

    Apparantly not, I just edited it.
  10. GTX

    my unbirth idea.

    Can you name a source for where they got that information from? Since you know it's true.
  11. GTX

    my unbirth idea.

    RK you so called it. Wiki is not a source. Solely because they don't list their where they get their information from, and anyone can edit it. Otherwise we need proof. I.e. interviews, in-game stuff, yadayada.
  12. GTX

    my unbirth idea.

    We don't know where the soul eater came from. So that makes this... completely irrelevant. Also, makes nearly the whole theory irrelevant. That is until you can show proof. Same as above. I don't get it. Riku was already worthy of the keyblade *keychain included*, well before Sora. And...
  13. GTX

    Everything We Know About XIV/Xion So Far

    lulz rk you're on fire right now you know that?
  14. GTX

    Xehanort and BBS villain Simularities.

    It was pointless making a thread to state the obvious. Especially when the majority shifted to HSM in the first place.
  15. GTX

    A newer BBS vid many have probablly seen

    this is appreciated, but too late. http://forums.khinsider.com/future-kingdom-hearts/106744-higher-quality-birth-sleep-trailer.html
  16. GTX


    Hopefully you got your answer from the 7 or so people who answered this thread. You get it when you die against certain bosses. If you have any more questions feel free to ask.
  17. GTX

    who is the 14th member

    http://forums.khinsider.com/future-kingdom-hearts/105199-14th-member-speculation-discussion.html Discuss here.
  18. GTX

    What is its name?

    It hasn't been given the name in the game, other than "The Organization's Stronghold" if I remember right.
  19. GTX

    Sora Form Assistance Needed

    The best place to level up Master Form in the entire game is Land of Dragons. Go to the palace and head outside the doors. 2 Assault Rider's appear, and they drop plenty of drive orbs. 3 more will spawn right after.
  20. GTX

    How Do You Unlock Behemut?

    So the question has pretty much been answered then. Bahamut's data (i.e. name in summon list) was in KH, but no model was ever created for him, so when you summon him, the game will freeze. FYI Bahamut - Final Fantasy Wiki