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    Why are Ven's eyes lifeless? because he's DEAD!

    That was really well thought out. I had never thought of it that way. Really good job. (To the original post)
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    KH 358/2 Days Final Mix

    :D it would be cool...though I dont think this would happen for years. and would obviously be released in japan first.
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    Favorite video in theatre mode

    Though its really sad, I liked Xion's End scene because it portrayed alot of emotion, and was really well intertwined in the storyline.
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    an addiction

    I think it would have been better for there to have been more storyline given to us in the gameplay rather than in Roxas's diary entries, and there to have been more freedom in worlds rather than specific repetitive missions. Though, I really liked "Days" a lot. XD
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    358/2 title theory

    I called it!! :D
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    Day's with DSi content?

    lucky...Its the opposite situation w/ me....sort of.
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    "Rebirth" :D

    School's consumed my time, as of late. So I'm making my "rebirth" here on the site, for the first time in several months :D
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    Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

    Just was wondering what you think of the game?
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    Is it worth it?

    It just depends. I hardly play the ps2 one, because I got bored and I already knew the outcome.But its really just personal preferance, and whether you want 3D graphics and awesome gamplay.
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    Vexen II

    Personally I wouldn't have a deck with any cards less than "7" for the battle w/ Vexen.
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    358/2 title theory

    Although, maybe the "/2" thing means about two stories....Xion & Roxas's.
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    Most Annoying Boss

    No dobut, I'd have to say Vexen.
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    what do you think of re chain of memories?

    Umm...ok here's my opinion of KH Re:CoM. When it first came out I was really excited to get my hands on a copy and play it; I bought my copy about a couple of weeks later. I thorouhgly enjoyed the CoM for the GBA, so I had even higher expectations for this one on the PS2. Everything that was...
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    what do you think of re chain of memories?

    my second favorite in the series, losing out to KH2...at least for now. we'll have to wait to see BBS & "Days".
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    (SPOILERS 358/2 DAYS) Xion Related

    maybe she's not a nobody at all..?
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    Been Alone for So Long

    I think that line refers to the time she was captive in castle oblivion...saying that she'd been alone for a while
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    re:chain of memories trailer

    Re: chain of memories trailer Thanks for posting :)
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    Sora's Story or Riku's Story?

    Sora's by a long-shot, in my opinion at least :)
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    How far are you in the game?

    In responce to post #1, I recently finished Monstro and am at level 22.