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    Official 소녀시대 / SNSD thread

    Because we are currently lacking one for this great musical group <3 [ There may be an official k-pop thread out there that this can go under, if so, you can close this mods if you'd like] Their last.fm page Anybody else here a fan? ^^
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    Lions make you brave~ Baaaaccck~ Temporarily

    Hey guys<3 I sorta quit the internet, but decided to return to all my forums for the holidays cause I have nothing better to do with my life, and I know some peoples miss me <3 [you know who you are] Plus I still have a few.... loose ends to take care of. ;D As for the n00bs, who cannot...
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    Help/Support ► So my house was broken into and robbed by -censored-

    geez, I'm sowwy. ;_____; That reeks. I'd be pissed if my PSP/PS2 was taken as well. (It has sentimental value to me also, as well as my computer- oh gawd... /gets thought out of head) You'll get through this~
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    Help/Support ► Pentablet?

    (yes, triple posting, sue me) I've decided I'm getting the bamboo fun. (I told my mum I would forget b-day presents, if so) So yea. Thank you a lot for all your... advice and help. :| Anything else I may need to know about Pentablets, PM me, dammit. /thread end
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    you can now pre-order at gamestop!!!

    Yay. :D I already pre-ordered mine though, but niccccccceeeee find. :D
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    "Kingdom Hearts 3D is next." - Nomura

    Daw fuck. I gotta save money for a 3DS now, and I haven't even payed for my PS2. >_____> <__< But anyways, yayz. <33333333333333333 So happy. =w=
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    --::<IceBlueWings fanclub>::--

    Since I don't believe this lovable person has one yet, here it is. <3333333333 Here is the majestic fanclub of IceBlueWings ~awesome banner goes here~ queen of this club~ IceBlueWings Loyal Followers~ Roa Izayoi Darkfyre LongLiveLife King Sora X sora4sky Solar Oe98 Yea, you should join...
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    Beautiful World Pressies.

    (because, yes, I'm THAT addicted to that song. <33333333) Anyways, since Sean and King Sora X did one, I feel obligated to do one as well. :D You know, to give back to the community who has helped me grow so much in this field of art in such little time. <333333333 Sean The Citrus Cult...
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    ¥$£ The Organization Moogle Fanclub v.2¢$¥

    Because the old owner hasn't been on in months. . . Welcome to the new Organization Moogle Fanclub V.2 So join this fanclub, and bow down before the Incredible Organization Moogle! Reasons: He exists to scam Roxas out of every last munny he holds on to. And he succeeds. This is the...
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    <---Xaldin Fanclub--->

    Just because the old one is pretty much dead, and pretty much, well dead. Welcome ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, students of hogwarts, and everybody else across the universe to. . . <---The Xaldin Fanclub---> <-Owner-> Roa <- Members -> The Dead Skin Oe98 turninto virgiltheart <-...
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    Help/Support ► Pentablet?

    Bump. D: Bamboo Craft Bamboo Tablet Comparison So basically, since looking at that, I'm either looking at the bamboo craft or fun. I'm still looking at all 5 though~ Any more thoughts?
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    Help/Support ► My feelings for my best friend are changing

    Well, I'm not in college, but this has happened to me and my best friend. I remember when me and Rabbi used to spend all night RPing and talking, like 3-4 nights of the weeks, but over the last year. she's just been falling off the map. I still love her to death, but she's not . . . not high...
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    Help/Support ► A Big Problem

    It sounds like she's getting the same server problem I had like everyday for a while there, so: I know I could access the main page, well most of the time, when the server went down for me. >.< If it is the server problem, nothing much you can do about it, but wait. >,:
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    ♫Utada 宇多田ヒカル Fanclub♫ V.2

    Because the previous one is like a bajillion pages back, and quite dead. >_> So welcome people of Japan, Hogsmade, Castle Oblivion, middle earth, and across the universe to . . . The Utada/宇多田ヒカル fanclub v.2 Owner: Roa Vice-president: AxelYoyo Members: Darkfyre|Danica...
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    Help/Support ► A Big Problem

    LUNA'S IN TROUBLE? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. >_________> LUNA-CHAN I'LL SAVE YOU. :O Anyways, I'll do what I can to help. *puts on war paint* Telll me exactly how she can't log on. Is there an error message, does the page just not load? Please, elaborate. :3
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    (cause I forgot to post this for CnC before. >.<) We all know who's birthday this was for~ Now do your crap DM. :D
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    Help/Support ► Pentablet?

    k, Wacom it is. :3 Ooooh this is total yay. <3 Hopefully, the bamboo is the same way. (DOGENZAKA!) Yea, but now there's 4 different models to look at. ;___; I don't want to pick the wrong model or anything here. Should I just go with the standard Bamboo tablet? (I LOVE the sound of the size...
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    Ultra Purple Flurp

    Do your crap DM. :D
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    ::Lord of the Rings fanclub:: "It's a dangerous business stepping out your door"

    Why, yes, it's a fanclub for a timeless series. So welcome people of the Shire, Mirkwood, Moria, and across the Universe to. . . ::The Lord Of The Rings Fanclub:: "It's a dangerous business stepping out your door" ::Founder:: Roa ::Members:: Organization_42 VirgilTheart Danica Syer Watson...
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    Help/Support ► Pentablet?

    Anyways, me and my mum made a deal, where if I keep the deal, I would get a pentablet at christmas time. Anyways, this deal won't be extremely hard to keep, but I need advice about it. I don't know what model or make (or anything) to get. I know I would use it for digital drawing, and and...