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    Kairi's keyblade?

    I love how you keep pointing this out and NO ONE listens lol. But I'm with you. It makes sense that since she's a PoH she has a strong heart, allowing her to use a Keyblade, but it doesn't mean that the Keyblade is now her Keyblade.
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    Kairi's keyblade?

    Holy shit. That is right. This theory has some potential. I likey.
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    Kh2 drive forms

    Most definitely Master. Final's gliding is cool and all, but Master's magic and keyblade combos own.
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    No armor in the ending?

    I kinda had hoped that they'd be out of their armor for the most part and like just do the armor for battles.
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    Maleficent=Dumbass XD

    I know, fucking annoying. She was badass and I great boss in KHI, but KHII she just rolled over and let Saix rape her.
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    Help/Support ► i thought i could get over it but i cant

    Truly ^^that's^^ all you can do. I mean I'm sorry you lost him and it's definitely a bitch, but you've got to move on. You can't bring him back and there's no use morning over him forever. Again, I'm really sorry you did lose him though.
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    Organization 13 weapon choice

    Zexion was the nerd with the pocket dictionary XD
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    Is it just me?

    I agree very much with this statement, thank you.
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    Keyblade keychains

    Would it possibly have to do with Sora being a keyblade master and that's why it has a key chain and he can change it's forms?
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    Well I am too and I would continue playing no matter what, but there are those out there who don't have an attention span longer than a 3 year old
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    Yeah the movie's really just there to provide you with LOTS and LOTS of action so you'll continue playing at the beginning(during the boring tutorials) in hopes that soon you'll get to the stuff you've come to love from KH
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    I just figured it was Riku, because later on the cutscenes reveal that Riku was helping DiZ in his Ansem form
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    Could Days be "DSi Enchanced"?

    Ok, I get it now. Thanks.
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    Streaming KH2 playthrough

    I'm sorry I didn't mean it to sound so terrible and like I hate you or anything I just didn't see the point of wasting YOUR time by setting up all that equipment
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    Could Days be "DSi Enchanced"?

    Wait, I'm confused now. DSi enhanced cards will play but the normal DSi cards won't? Explain that to me. However, I do agree that Days won't be DSi
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    Who would win?..

    Twilight Thorn and Xemnas would win. And again, yes the Xemnas VS. AnsemSoD would be a MUST SEE. And nobodies are stronger than heartless because they have minds. Heartless side with the stronger side and nobodies only side with their own kind. This is also shown in the Battle of 1000 Heartless...
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    Streaming KH2 playthrough

    Why do you even need a walkthrough for Kingdom Hearts? One or Two. It tells you everything in the order you need to do it. The only thing I need was a synthesis guide because there's so many things to synthesize
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    Help/Support ► Jobs for a 15 year old

    How about "Blank Check"?
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    Help/Support ► Jobs for a 15 year old

    Fine no drugs, but seriously movie theaters are great places to work. Unless you happen to have to clean the back row........nuff said
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    Help/Support ► Jobs for a 15 year old

    Make sure you only take cilents WITHOUT STDs.............