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  1. DJQuackQuack

    Fanfiction ► "What IS Love?" (FINISHED!!)

    Re: "What IS Love?" (CHAPTER 4 IS UP!!) Love can not begin to describe how great it feels to see Xemtree referenced xD Very well done chapter Org!! Xemnas' rant was perfect and overall another great one! Look forward to the final chapter, though it will be sad to see it end at the same time!
  2. DJQuackQuack

    Fanfiction ► ~ Blackbird ~

    You know what I think. Look forward to more :)
  3. DJQuackQuack

    Fanfiction ► Assassin's Creed: Conquistadas [ An Assassin's Creed RP Prequel by Ziz ]

    This is good, definitely setting up to be a very well done fanfic. As previous statements said, it could be a tad longer, but what you have seems to be going well. Room for improvement, but so does everyone's work. Sunny seems to have gotten down the style, so I am just going to say what I...
  4. DJQuackQuack

    Fanfiction ► When Worlds Collide [A Traskix and DJQuackQuack Collab]

    Man, I wish knew what was going to happen next... Oh...wait... XP
  5. DJQuackQuack

    Fanfiction ► Methods Of Relaxation [Larxene/Axel]

    o/ I laughed so much in this fanfic!! lol Axel drunk would definitely be hilarious. It wasn't as OOC as you made it out to be, like Org said. Never know how Axel would act drunk. Very good, I liked it ^^;;
  6. DJQuackQuack

    Fanfiction ► Wrong Hero, Wrong Place, Perfect Timing (KH/Zelda crossover)

    I lol'ed so much at the reference XD This crossover was done pretty nicely!! Link talking is kinda needed for writing, so there really isn't much problem there. All the characters were played well, but I just personally don't see Zelda acting 100% the way you had her closer to the end. Still...
  7. DJQuackQuack

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: A New Hero Emerges

    Much better than first chapter imo ^^;; First chapter had too many run-on sentences, but this one was nice and easy to read. It's cool you have HPO in this, those three are good to have along with Vento. And I know who Syntrax is :P Can't wait to see more!
  8. DJQuackQuack

    Fanfiction ► When Worlds Collide [A Traskix and DJQuackQuack Collab]

    This fanfic is brought to you by the collaboration of: B.O.K.S Box Of Kittens Studios And I.H.A.B.S I Has A Bucket Studios ________________ Prologue Hello there casual and elite gamers alike! Are you tired of arguing over who the best video game character is? Tired of magazine...
  9. DJQuackQuack

    Fanfiction ► black★rock shooter [KH/Vocaloid]

    I liked this! Don't know a thing about Vocaloid, but didn't stop me from enjoying this. I can also see the KH element involved, very nice. Also liked the drawings ^^;; Look forward to where you go with this!!
  10. DJQuackQuack

    Wish this guy a happy birthday already!

    We all know him in someway. Whether it be through his mad skillz in the RPs that leave people shaking in fear, or the blessing our eyes with such amazing tags and avvies, this person needs very little explanation as to how epically awesome he is. Ladies, Gentlemen, and the one's I'm not sure...
  11. DJQuackQuack

    Fanfiction ► Duality: A series of double story minis

    DING DING DING! lol you got it Aria! :D And don't worry about this time since I didn't even mention it, but try not to spoil it for other readers :3 Either spoil tag or message me it if you really wanna know or take a guess! Thanks for reading!
  12. DJQuackQuack

    Fanfiction ► Duality: A series of double story minis

    Re: Duality: A series of double story minis [Update #2] Glad to see more people are understanding it :D Here's my second go, won't have an easy giveaway clue like the last one. You'll have to really look into it this time. Good luck ^^;; _____________________________________ It's all so...
  13. DJQuackQuack

    Fanfiction ► Duality: A series of double story minis

    lol yes, I'd have to be as mad as a hatter to make this stuff up ;) Look forward to more. I have exams over next week, so may not update till next weekend. Unless I procrastinate, then expect one up ^^;; Yes!! Success!! XD Glad someone was able to see it :D
  14. DJQuackQuack

    Fanfiction ► The Fan-Fic Writer's Moving Sidewalk

    Oh dear...I may have reached that point last night lol with the fanfic I posted. But that is what I get for staying up so late on caffiene... Randomness can be funny. But IMO, has to be controlled randomness. If a story has no flow or real plot, it won't catch the readers attention. Tbh, a...
  15. DJQuackQuack

    Fanfiction ► The Fan-Fic Writer's Moving Sidewalk

    LOL that kid is scary... Good point. It shows talent when you're able to take a canon character, put them in a completely different setting and plot, and still stay true to the canon aspect of the character in how they would react. What is everyone's opinion on original characters (OCs) in...
  16. DJQuackQuack

    Fanfiction ► The Fan-Fic Writer's Moving Sidewalk

    Staying on character is definitely an important part of fanfiction. Fanfics should honor the original idea while still adding your own flavor to it, but it should never alter the character in it other than the siuation they are put it. And when introducing OCs, I think it's important the...
  17. DJQuackQuack

    Fanfiction ► Duality: A series of double story minis

    Brought to you by: B.O.K.S Box Of Kittens Studios -Alright! So out of boredom and sheer randomness, tons of ideas popped into my head! These ideas are various miniature stories. None of them will relate to one another, other than the central theme behind this whole thread. That theme...
  18. DJQuackQuack

    Anime/Manga Chracter Tournament!! (Round 1) [Votes Due 4/2]

    Alrighty folks, here is something for every manga and/or anime fan to enjoy! After hours of debating and searching, I have found 28 main characters that stand out as the top. But, who of these elite 28...is number 1? Who will stand out above the rest in the end and claim their rightful victory...
  19. DJQuackQuack

    Pieces of Perfection: Golden Sunset

    Brought to you by; BOKS (Box Of Kittens Studios) So here is something I have started writing, hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed making it. Please feel free to comment and cnc, but no spamming. So, without further delay... Chapter 1 Audio Report 01 Hello, to...
  20. DJQuackQuack

    sleepless nights

    Insomnia. I have. You cure. GO!!!!!!!!!!!