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  1. inasuma

    when forum insanity is a low-activity board

    feels weird but i also haven't been here in forever so idk much these days 😌 🙏
  2. inasuma

    What happened this year that made you feel old as heck?

    tried to buy a new copy of sonic advance on game boy advance. the dude wanted $1000. ugh
  3. inasuma

    What happened this year that made you feel old as heck?

    looking at this thread im turning 31 in twelve days. look at my forum join date and well...
  4. inasuma

    Post your video game collection!

    Do you hoard cardboard and plastic? Do you also like to display it? Post your stuff! Personally, I have a Pokemon problem. You can see my small Kingdom Hearts collection just to the left. Might post that one later as it's grown a bit since this was taken.
  5. inasuma

    Show Off Your Game Collection

    I think my favorite thing to collect are DS-era Pokemon games and Pokemon themed consoles. I try to collect them sealed but sometimes (like in the case of the game boys) it's not financially practical so I stick to complete in box.
  6. inasuma

    Show Off Your Game Collection

    As I've gotten older I've honestly played less and collected more (for the A R T). But no matter why you collect, post your favorites!
  7. inasuma

    This is my 420th post! 🥳

  8. inasuma

    Username Request Thread 2.0: Please read the OP!

    can i lowercase my name? :) Inasuma -> inasuma
  9. inasuma

    Metroid Franchise

    currently so hyped for metroid dread that it hurts. i may or may not have sunk mad money into buying a sealed copy of fusion in my hype frenzy.
  10. inasuma

    can all the awards be small again

    why is everyone acting like these badges are not ruining society i demand a quorum
  11. inasuma

    can all the awards be small again

    ok well i went and requested like every award maybe that will help
  12. inasuma

    can all the awards be small again

  13. inasuma

    Politics Hey Americans...

    If history has shown anything, its that insurrection and treason is overcome. This won't be any different. Still sucks though.
  14. inasuma

    10 years of...

    although my account says i joined in December of 2005, i actually was browsing well before that (since September, in fact). gotta say, this place has come a long way since then. pretty glad I spent time with you weirdos. thats 10 years of... - posting gifs - designing stuff - waiting for dumb...
  15. inasuma


    this is forum insanity start being more ridiculous or i'm gonna start being real sad(-ish) I NEED ENTERTAINMENT
  16. inasuma

    Help/Support ► Mathematical Stress Ideas?

    1. Run/exercise (endorphins) 2. Change your diet so you have plenty of energy (stop caffeine and sugar, eat whole foods, get all your vitamins) 3. Sex/masturbation (you seem offended by this, but it's actually not bad for you; thats only the case if you physically stress your body in the...